25th April, 2019 Today, everyone will be more sensitive than usual, so be careful what you say and watch your tone. We should not joke today about other people's shortcomings. This can lead to a strong conflict that will be difficult to reconcile. In addition, all the tension that appeared earlier today can start to surface. Health & Beauty Yesterday, we wrote, that eating spinach reduces blood pressure. Today, we scrutinize broccoli - it also helps to reduce blood pressure. Those, who take medicine to lower blood pressure, should eat broccoli in moderation. Eating this vegetable in small amounts is necessary, because the broccoli contains glutamic acid, which reduces the tension of blood vessels and thus reduces the pressure. People who have thyroid problems, must necessarily monitor the consumption of this vegetable. #lunarbeauty #healthandbeauty #biodynamiccalendar #moonphases
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