10 New Year’s Resolutions in Photography and Life in General — 1) Really define and be honest about your purpose, at the very least, to yourself. Everybody has a great answer to the question, why are you here? When it comes to talking about our purpose, most of us are trained a certain way of packaging it into something that’s easy to swallow. Just the right amount of passion, plus or minus two notches depending on who’s asking. Enough depth to sound insightful, but not too much that people start calling 911. And that’s okay. We need to stand out, but we also need to fit in. But let’s pretend for a minute that it’s just between yourself, the frozen lake underneath your feet, and the mountains towering around you: Why are you here? Why are you really here? — This is the last one! Back to regular programming. Hope you like the last ten posts and maybe even find one or two relatable (and enforceable!). Have a great, beautiful 2019.
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A long walk on a short beach with boo, quite honestly nothing I'd rather be doing...
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Tribe ft. @elizabethlynn_4
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