AVA will be screened at Melbourne International Film Festival @melbfilmfest. August 7 & 11. http://miff.com.au/program/film/ava #miff2018 #womeninfilm #canadianfilm #mon#montrealartist , #montrealart, #canadaart, #canadaartist, #canadaarts, #MTL#MTLnts, #MTL, #montrealfilmmakers #montrealcinema #womenfilmmakers #canadafilm
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‪Plus tôt cette semaine quand j’ai pris la décision de vous montrer un article de ma boutique Etsy chaque jeudi, je ne pensais pas commencer par une vente!. . ‬♥️ VENDU / SOLD ♥️ MERCI MERCI MERCI‬. . PS: visiter mon profil pour le lien menant à ma boutique. . . #etsy #etsyshop #etsyseller #boutiqueetsy #etsysale #naturemorte #orange #vert #green #fruits #pla#plateau #plate #acr#acryliquesurpapier #acr#acrylicper #acrylique #acrylic #grapes #raisins #art#artist #mon#montrealst #montreal ‬#instaartist #instaart #art #artsale #artistoninstagram #artforsalebyartist #artoninstagram
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... . . ..#cocktail #soirée last night at the Queen Elizabeth hotel, ici, à Montréal,..launch / continuation / extension of the « unis vert l’intemporel » exposition..with 39 artists! - ..in the boutique beside the main entrance on street level on Boulevard René-Lévesque. - open daily from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. / 10h00-18h00 - July 15-August 5 2018 - ..my handwoven #artworks.. #woven kahwistarà:ken (#silver) sterling silver and brass from @fairmontqueene ..and... #copper from the roof of @fairmontfrontenac - ...with text impressions, among a few of the other artists works - Shé:kon! / Kwékwé! (Hello! [Mohawk]) - ..link on my profile to Unis Vert L’art’s website..all artists profiles are featured, with links to their websites etc. - ..listed in order as shown.. - Jacqueslemieuxartiste.com cast brass #sculpture - @francoise_issaly painting and floral pieces - @sylvie.adams painting - reneedegagne.com #cityscape painting (@galeriebloom) - @peterhoffer #tapestry sculpture - davidmerk.com #mirror (👋🏼hi!) - @jocelynebellemare 🌞#paintings - @tigersharksnake, claudelessard.com, gillesvigneault.com et al - The hotel, nestled in amongst its neighbours under yesterday’s glorious blue sky - #upcycle upcycled upcycling upcycledart up up up recyclage - #montrealart #montrealartist #tex#textileart/a> #artcontemporain #contemporaryart artlove #montrealgallery #gallery - #weaving fíodóireacht بافندگ xistin 직물 tisser tissage tecelagem 織る dệt tessitura बुनाई vefnaður বয়ন fonás weberei tejeduría حياكة vävning vævning veving հյուսելը tkanje tkanie बुनाई тъкачество - #interwoven #textileart #slowtextiles #fibreart #modernweaving wovenart #wovenmetal - Tiohtiá:ke, #Montréal, Québec Canada NorthAmerica - earth jorden 지구 tierra terre terra כדור הארץ Ziemia γη jörð երկիրը পৃথিবী земя पृथ्वी krajiny زمین dhulka trái đất أرض föld 地球 maa erde talamh toprak aarde talamh - Spécial merci #fairmontqueenelizabeth! - ..also, now at the Inverness County Centre for the Arts in Inverness, Nova Scotia ( @i.c.c.a. ), the small treasures is up until July 29. - #alltogether givepeaceachance warisover - ..aaand.. an October show @artlounge..some big new works, details to come,.. - Niá:wen! (Thank
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*feed* "Shine is my favorite color" 😎✨🌞 I heard lately that some people were wondering if I was really always wearing yellow or white and the answer is yes ! Why ? Cause show me what you wear and I’ll tell you who your are. Our fashion is a huge non verbal expression of our states of mind and even if we don’t pay attention to it, our outfit are telling a lot about our states of mind. Some who likes casual clothes will most likely be casual and simple persons, when someone who likes to dress in all black is usually someone who likes to stay discreet, to not show themselves and stay in their darkness. Off course we can’t put labels too easily, but it still a legit indicator and I think I stand as the best example for this, because I’m a bright minded person and therefore I always wear bright colors. Yellow actually represents warmth, enjoyment, openness, generosity and confidence, which are great words to define myself and I’m also aware of the uplifting power of colors. Seeing yellow puts you in a good mood, when white is appeasing and knowing that, I use this at my advantage to make my day lighter. Plus, as those colors represents generosity, I’m aware that when people see me, I’m brighten up their days and put them in good mood as well, and the Sun that I am is here for that, sharing that light. 🌞 So here is the answer on why I always wear bright colors and I’m not planning to change that, as they also represent faith and this faith won’t go away. Although I’ll be appreciative if someone would organize an all black party, because I miss black outfit sometimes and God knows how much I used to slay the dark colors back then. Other than that yellow will be my love forever, although you got to know that my favorite color is actually Gold that I keep for special occasions, cause I love it so much that I don’t want to be over it as I can be sometimes for yellow (never more than 2 weeks😅). Gold actually represents perfection, fortune, power, invincibility, prosperity and fulfillment which are life goals but also representations of the Glorious Sun. So matter of fact now that I’m writing this, my ultimate favorite color is the Sun and all his shades. 🌞✨💛
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