Last weekend, I had the opportunity to attend @nataliemacneil's event called Conquer Live. Natalie is a master of going deep into what you want for yourself and your business, removing your blocks, and then getting into action with a clear plan. This event had such a profound impact on me, I wanted to share what I got out of the event through the lens of making MORE money💰 This week on my blog, I'll be talking more about this event and the important points I took away from it. I'm going in depth on how to make MORE money with your money vision and looking at ways to strategize 🤔 To read more, click the link in my bio!
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Wait for it....Being an entrepreneur is exhilarating, challenging, and intense. A client told me that she forgot to make it “fun”! No one said making money needed to be hard and stressful along with all the other emotions. Just as I was thinking this, I found this video. Nothing like a cute little animal to bring out the silliness in us all. This cat is too cute.🙀😺😻 Don’t forget to make time for light a light moment once in a while. Also a good lesson about money in this video too! #moneyismyfriend #entrepreneurlife #fun#funney #cats #businesscoach #more #fun #moments #Repost @daily_funnyman_pics with @get_repost
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I’ve always been kind of bad handling money and taking care of my finances. I refused to learn about finance and economy because I always wanted distance from the materialistic world, guess what? It didn’t bring me anything good. Because when we take care of our money properly and buy exactly what we need (not what we want), we have peace of mind. Money is nothing but energy. Money doesn’t grow on trees? Think twice, money = paper, where does paper come from? 🤓 Money is just the energy you put out in the world being given back to you, in the form of paper and numbers, but it’s kinda symbolic. If we see money as a negative thing, guess what? Money will kinda tend to avoid us.... humm...isn’t it? :) And the more we learn about money the less materialistic we can be, but if we decide to be ignorant about money because we think we’re being materialistic by getting to know it... guess what the more materialistic we will be because we tend to spend money accidentally and in things we don’t really need. So let’s learn about it, let’s understand the history of money, how all began! By the way, this book is just great. It teaches you all basic stuff about how the world functions in terms of economics since the beginning, and makes it simpler! Let’s do this Ana 💪🏼😼 💴 💵 💶 💰 🤓🧐 #bossbitch #money #moneyisenergy #lawofattraction #moneyismyfriend #learnit #blingbling #historyofcapitalism #economicstheusersguide #economyoftheworld #howeverythingstarted #moneyisntbaditswhoholdsitis #cash #moneygrowsontrees🌳
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Being unreasonable is uncomfortable for a LOT of people. Every year, so many entrepreneurs go back to predictable paychecks and give up on their dreams because of this. They were afraid to keep hearing “no” while they were waiting for a “yes”. We know that success isn’t made over night and that chances and requests need to be made, but too many people just resist asking for what they want. Are you one of those people considering giving up because you’re afraid of the “no.” Head over to my blog to find out how to get over these blocks! Link is in my bio 💜
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Focus on the people who inspire you not the ones that annoy you. This really works well with the theme for the week of being unreasonable. It’s a great lesson for not paying attention to the no and just heading for the yes. The Yes is out there if you just keep working towards it. What can you do day to hear yes from someone? #inspiration #focus #entrepreneurlife #financialfreedom #more #please #yes #moneyismyfriend #repost @tinybuddhaofficial
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How can you solve your problems and take action to make more money? You want freedom and to create a business you love. But there is a practical side of things which is that you need to be making money. Too many entrepreneurs give up on their dreams because it feels too out of reach. They can’t seem to earn what they want or need on their own. So how can you start to see your problems as opportunities? Head over to my blog to find the answers and figure out how to start taking action! Link in bio ✨
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