We all get old but you can either be old and lame or old and cool. Did you know that every year you wait to set up retirement because you’re “too busy” you lose out on a couple thousand? ADP not only has some of the strongest retirement options, we can integrate it with your payroll and save you on taxes. Don’t be broke and old working til you’re 4ft into the grave! Save now, make money, be awesome! DM with any questions you may have 😎 #retirement #tax#taxsavings #beready #saveyourmoney #letyourmoneyworkforyou #coolgrandma #moneymachine #moneymaker #easypeazy #businessowner #smallbusiness #owner #taxdeduction #taxes #accounting #finance #retirementadvice #moneyadvice #financialadvice #tax #taxseason
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New Neuroscience confirms what Qigong has said for millenia: Step 1 = Figure out what you want. Step 2 = Repeat your mental rehearsal over and over to develop new neural pathways. Step 3 = Allow Universe to deliver in its right timing. Voila! :)
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Below is an example: — Credit Card debt: $3,000 ($25 min. payment) Student Loan debt: $10,000 ($100 payment) Car debt: $15,000 ($300 payment) — You’ll pay the minimum amount on your student loan and car payments, and using any excess money to go towards your credit card debt. For example, if you can manage an extra $200/month, you pay $225 on your credit card, $100 on student loans, and $300 on your car payment every month until the credit card is paid off. — From there you’ll begin paying $325 each month on your student loans (your original $100 payment + the $225 you were paying on your credit card) and $300 on your car payment. — Once your student loans are paid off, you’ll then be paying $625 monthly on your car payment (the original $300 payment + the $325 you were previously paying on your loans). — finessinfinances.com
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Let’s talk about FEELS. . The emotional part of money is something that can’t be ignored. . Those student loans or credit cards, they make you feel some type of way. 🕺🏻 . Those bank accounts and IRAs, they make you feel some type of way. 🕺🏻 . Your auto transfers and organization, they make you feel some type of way! 🕺🏻 . And that type of way is either one of the following... . ☝️ Either option one- you feel things like doubt, uncertainty, concern over ‘what if’ scenarios, and general uneasiness. OR ✌️option two- you feel things like confidence, being on track, peace of mind, and knowing you’re good no matter what. . How would you rather live your life?? . You’re in control! . You can do it!! . What if the difference between ☝️ and ✌️ was just a little bit of planning, teaming up with a #Mon#MoneyProh, and seeing for yourself what it means to live like a #MoneyPro . We’re here to show you how to make it a reality ✌️ @90daymoneypro
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You have to promise me first! #ernestodotnet Know more about crypto and blockchain at: Ernesto.net
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💳 TRUTH: YOU ARE NOT WINNING WITH CREDIT CARD REWARDS & AIRLINE MILES! I think there is this stigma out there that if you accumulate a ton of rewards/airline miles/cash back on credit cards that you are somehow “beating the system”.... Jokes on you, because: * The average credit card has six fees associated with it 💸 * Average credit card debt per U.S. cardholder is $5,285⚠️ * You spend approximately 20% more using credit than cash 💰 The system is beating you👊 Check out my blog for more on credit cards and why we don’t have any! Link in bio. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #money #debt #dumpdebt #bud#bud#budget #mon#moneytips #moneyadvice #daveramsey #debtsucks #spendless #goals #moneygoals #financialfitness #savemoney #moneymotivation #moneyblog #blogger #financialfreedom #financialpeace #moneytips #moneymanagement #personalfinance #earn #budget #build #inspiration #motivation #budget #debtfreelife #debtfreeliving
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