What better way to treat this gal right here on her health transformation than lots of cheesy bread lol? My sorority sister from college, put back in touch because of social media, and we started her wellness journey together because of my company. It’s truly been a pleasure to walk alongside you @natalie_claussen through your 40lb weight loss and to try to help you find some new size 2 clothes for that mom bod! Swipe to see the beautiful transformation and show her some love!!! Looking for something like this? Drop your fav emoji or dm me, I would love to help! #healthyliving #mombod #nutrtionalrebalancing #justcleanse #cleaneating #healthymomhealthybaby #bestjobever #intermittentfasting #transformationtuesday
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Seeing change! Thanks @thebettyrocker Love everything your meal plans and workouts offer me💕💕 Taking my body back!! . . #nomorebabybody #loveyourself #newbody #mombod #strongmama #stopdropandbettyrock #fitandflawless #day8 #hendrynails #bossbabe #formyfamilyformyself #blessed
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Gym daaaayyyy My knee has been bothering me so we both took it pretty easy. Full body again, little bit of cardio. Nothing too much on the knees. As you can see in the video I'm trying to stay off of my left knee as much as possible so my form isn't too tight. I honestly hate the way I look in the video altogether, but I'm posting to motivate myself, to continue on this journey, getting that perfect bod I've always wanted. After our workout I had my faveeeee Veggie Pesto Bagel. Instantly regretted it afterwards because of the carbs but whatever 😂 Was supppppppposedddd to go to the beach but decided to stay home & ice this knee so hopefully it feels better by Thursday for my Mommy & Me class w bebe Kaip 🤞 #fitmamashilo #mombod #postpartumfitness #postpartumbody #hawaii
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A few weeks ago I loved our stop light breaks... now I feel like they’re in the way! Growth is a beautiful thing 🌱#negativesplits
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If you don’t take care for yourself, who will? • I heard this today during my workout and it has stuck with me. Life will always throw the unexpected at you. Kids get sick, the to do list grows, laundry never stops, new jobs, medical bills, stress on stress on stress. I know what it is like to be passive. To let the stress take over and just be. • I am too often guilty of allowing myself to believe the lie that I when things get hectic and stressful, my needs are not as important. I start to wallow and let the circumstances take over. And consequently, my mental and physical health take on casualties. • Sound familiar to anyone else? Please tell me I’m not alone in this struggle. • I’ve decided to lean in hard to community. To accountability. I’ve decided to be brutally vulnerable with women who understand and support me. Because once you own your journey and speak out, it’s really dang hard to crawl back in under your rock. • I commit to physical challenge and growth because I need the structure and guidance that brings. I’ve committed to helping others do the same because I’ve seen first hand the positive ripple effect that this lifestyle can bring. • Maybe it’s time for you to own your journey too and start taking care of yourself. You don’t have to do it alone! Message me or comment below with “I’m ready” and we can set goals, make a plan, and go for it!
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Can we all just take the time to appreciate the @kmartaus maternity jeans 🙌🏼 👖 ______________ • • • • • #kmart #kmarthacks #kmartaus #mat#maternityfashion #maternity #maternityclothes #momblogger #momlife #pregnant #pregnancy #pregnantbelly #34weekspregnant #prettylittlething #mumbun #mombod #motherhood #mumtobe #momblogtribe
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