Best friends who slay together, stay together 👯‍♀️
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I’m still killin’ it. I acquired this bodysuit from mama model @b_models and we had this fun idea to just circulate this thing amongst all of us dinosaur models that have been in the game for close to or over a decade. 😭 I’m coming up on my 10 year anniversary of modeling in January and have seen many people come and go and even took a hiatus from full time modeling myself around the time I became pregnant and for some years after as I adjusted to motherhood and was too scared to let go of the stability of working for a company and punching a clock because I had to be ‘responsible’ and was afraid of judgement. “Ee-gad! You’re a mother now! You can’t be... nude!” 😱 Well fuck that. There’s no place I’d rather be working than working it in front of the lens or for an audience performing. It is infinitely harder to sustain oneself (toddler, mortgage, and all!) as a self employed individual without a day-job and takes a hell of a lot of hustle which is why I’ve seen so many girls come and go from this freelance modeling industry, as they come to find it has little to do with just being pretty and everything to do with how much you’re willing to put in. So that being said, this one goes to the models that remember having to print directions to photoshoots out from mapquest, the ones that remember days when physical CDs of images would be snail mailed to them because what’s Dropbox? When releases were in print with an extra copy for you and one for me because what’s Easy Release? Before placing a travel notice was as simple as hitting “Post" because what’s Instagram? This is for the ones that have always been and are still— killin’ it. .🦖. Shot by 📸: @the18thletterphotography .🦕. #stillkillinit #altmodel #photoshoot #tattooedmodel #tattooedgirls #glamour #modelphotography #inkedvixen #inkedandsexy #monochrome #blackandwhite #modeling #modellife #beauty #igfashion #inkedgirls #uncoverme #modelgram #glamourmodel #travelingmodel #instastyle #girlswithgauges #freelancemodel #fetishmodel #babe #sexy #sensuality #eros #erotik ••• 💙 Model: @karolinavon ⭐️ ••• •••
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