"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom" #mood #anaisnin #change #transitions #reflections #selfiesfordays #misty
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“Trying to find a spot too protect me from the sun” ☀️😾🌿
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This is Misty. She is an 8 year old cat with no breed in particular and was born on the 20th September 2009. She lived on a farm and was the only female kitten in a litter of 8. Two weeks after she was born her mother, very sadly, was hit by a car and passed away due to her injuries. This meant all 8 kittens had to be hand reared (which probably explains her strong attachment and bond with humans). At 6 weeks old we took her home and began to care for her. She was incredibly small and scrawny and didn’t really know how to eat so ended up having to have many many baths to clean her up after her meals. She was a happy cat, bringing in the occasional bird and mouse and playing with her toys. Over the years we started to notice that she stopped hunting and going out as much and became much more of a house cat but we thought nothing of it because she was and is still a very happy cat. In 2012 (aged 2 at the time) she had her first and only litter of 4 kittens (2 tabby cats, one black and white and one grey (Macavity)). They don’t get on all the time but there is enough space for both to be happy and with a large outdoor space for them to roam they each have their own places at home. Last year we took her to the vet and out of interest we got her eyes checked as she had started walking a bit weirdly, swinging her legs out to the sides. We were then told she was blind and it turns out she has PRA (progressive retinal atrophy), which is how becoming increasingly common in cats. It’s basically where the rods and cones in the eyes start to fail and the cat becomes progressively more and more visually impaired. Night vision is the first to go (she had stopped going out at night aged 3/4) and normally by age 5 they are completely blind. She was diagnosed age 8. It took us 5 years to notice any change in her eyesight at all because they cope so well with change. Anyway, she remains to be a very happy cat but the one thing I’ve never understood is how she can still play with a laser beam. She may not be completely blind and may be able to see bright lights, and she definitely has good days and bad days but she is still the same old happy playful cat. [continued in comments]
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