RESILIENCE // The power or ability to spring back to an original condition or form. I get raised eyebrows when I say to my clients that the drive to succeed is not really going to get you anywhere. Based on my personal struggles and experiences, I firmly believe that the only thing that's going to get you from point A to B is R E S I L I E N C E. Of course you need the drive but loss of resilience leads to many unintended consequences and eventually to giving up your passions. It's funny how the whole process is wired up scientifically. When you hustle hard to get noticed, your resilience levels are at the lowest and you feel so crushed when you get rejected or feel invisible. Yet, when the success starts rolling in, your body and mind automatically regulates and your resilience is so high that even if you get all these meaningless comments from your haters, you keep powering through because you already know what to do. It's exactly like a child being immune to illnesses. The more the exposure, the better the immune system gets built up. And this entire physical and mental process starts with you. No one can do it for you xoxo 👊🏼🖋
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New moon manifestations: To feel abundant To feel fulfilled To feel vibrant I participated in my first new moon ritual with a group of enchanting ladies. It was so fun to share our stories and why we are calling these manifestations into our lives. What are you calling in?
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Who wants to take a course in miracles with me? #innerpeace 😃💖
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WEB // It sure felt like this past week has been all about being on the go. We’ve just got our first major website overhaul project for an awesome sustainable clothing brand and we are super excited about the whole process from colour and layout consulting to crafting compelling words that connect and convert. @wordpressdotcom did not pay me to write this (I wish it did though!) but it is our chosen platform to build a website of any kind - be it a simple website or an e-commerce shop. Over 75 million websites run on WordPress and there are 2.5 billion posts published on WordPress. That’s pretty good testament that it is still highly relevant amidst all the other platforms in the online market. WordPress can also accommodate 50,000 plugins (alot of them free) to truly make your website SEO-rich and Google friendly so if you are needing a website that reflects your true brand story, hit us up for a no obligation discussion and let’s see what we can do for you! 🖥💻📱💁🏻‍♀️🖋
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...of your insta, of your fb, of your LIFE 🏝💸🧜🏼‍♀️✨ ⚡️ It’s totally awesome to be both! To be one there must be the other. . Buuuut if you’re spending all your time being a consumer particularly, perhaps it’s time to readdress your balance here 🌝🌚 . We are the creators of our lives at all times anyway, but if all you do is consume what you’re actually doing is handing over the reigns of that creativity to those you’re consuming from. Society has a way of telling us what we “should” want and what we “ought” to have and what we “really must” want to do with with our lives 😳🤯🤬🙄 ummm I don’t buy buy into this and if you asked yourself you’d say you don’t want to.. but we all do to a certain extent. ☀️ Listen, I’m not perfect. But I am putting a LOT of effort into understanding what I want and then CREATING THAT 🏝🌺✨👩🏼‍💻🙌🏼 . And you deserve that too. You deserve: 🏝 the space to find out what you TRULY want ✨ a plan of how to get there 🌺 support when it gets tough from someone who will never doubt you ☀️money, relationships, jobs, businesses, passive income, love, success, connections, wealth, health, intimacy... 🔥 it’s all well within your abilities but you gotta... ✨✨✨✨✨CREATE BABY✨✨✨✨✨ . My question to you to answer right now: ⚡️ what is it you are creating right now and do you actually want it?⚡️ 💥 if not, what DO you want?!💥 . If you want all of this and have no idea how to get there or are a bit stuck... DM me for how. I would be honoured to help you get the life you dream of 🙌🏼🏝☀️
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Guys I did it!!!!! To my complete shock I was able to get through those heavy HEAVY HEAVY deadlifts and do some handstand walking! I can’t believe it, I haven’t been able to deadlift normal Diane weight since the 2016 CrossFit Games - so I am celebrating! 🤩👊🏼🙌🏼 YES! . #safetyfirst #RESTisBEST #flatbackonly #heavydeadlifts #MIRACLEmindset #Crossfit @crossfitgames #intheopen #18point4 I love our NYC #COMMUNITY!!! Thanks for cheering you guys, you made the handstand walks really fun 📷 by: @supercleary . Colossians 3:23 . .
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Happy St. Patrick's Day beauties! My wish for you is that you the life of YOUR dreams & leave behind your beautiful #uniquelegacy 💚 #stpatricksday #loveyourvibe #miraclemindset
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