This time last year we were working on a farm in California. Now we’re here in Wisconsin building out a second Sprinter van. Some people see that we’ve been stationary for months at a time and wonder, “well if you’re gonna do that, why not just get a real apartment or house?” It’s a fair question. But for us and so many people living this lifestyle, constant movement and exploration just isn’t realistic. There’s no one way to make money on the road and there’s no one way to travel. It’s all about working hard and doing what you have to do to create a life that fuels your passions and makes you happy. Because whether you make $12k or $120k a year, happiness and fulfillment is all that matters 😊🚐💨 - #vanlife #thepursuitofhappiness #simplelife #vanlifers #homeonwheels #travel #campervan
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