I've been stuck for so long I've lost my way out. My mind is a maze with endless loops and trapped doors that lead to nowhere. How do I get out? I've ran so long I forgot I'm trapped. I've got use to the mindless cycle. I lost me. I've lost the ability to believe in me. Wait I never really did. I've been waiting on someone to save me. But I see now it's all me. I have to find my way. It feels too difficult, so I stay where I am. I'm afraid of me. To see what I could be. The fear of failure keeps me in the mind fuck. I can say, I can, but they're just words. See life's trauma has crippled me. I'm paralyzed. I just can't move beyond this tricky ass maze. But I'm coming to realize it's me, it's all me. Yes life has robbed me of many things. But I do have a choice even when it's hard to see clearly. The " I want" or "I would" etc. "but" the but has to die. I have to find my feet. I have to take a stand for me! I am the one that stops me. I am the one who keeps me trapped. I can, if I make a choice, and work at it. Stay connected, staying grounded, staying constant. I cannot let me trauma keep me paralyzed. I do deserve what I seek. I can find my way out even though it seems so far and hard away. I am aware of the mind trap I'm in. Now I have to make a choice. If I don't my trauma, my fear, my mind trap wins. #mindtrap #trauma #journey #honest #poem #freestyle #real #life #motivation #wordpress #blog #thoughtsofaalteredmind
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Bout to give #MsMotiv an Ol Fashioned Mental Ass Whoopin so we go out for a smoke first, come back and #JangoFett straight puked all up in the mix. #ReallyBro Fuckin #MamasBoy #CatLife #303Stylee #MindTrap
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I hate limitations it is a Mind Trap. We were born to be free, Create and think out loud. Anything is possible. It is just a matter of how bad do you want it? and what are you willing to let go to get it? . Sacrifices Sacrifices. There is always a price to pay. #mercuryspeaks #spokenwords #mindtrap
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Bright Side riddles are #mindtrap logic puzzles. #grimm #mcgyver #braingames #sphynx #letsplay
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