Are you still looking for scientific evidence that the Law of Attraction is real? Are you still giving yourself an excuse to NOT achieve the things that you desire because you’re waiting for permission? You’re waiting for someone to show you a piece of paper that documents an experiment and explicitly states, “yes, the Law of Attraction is 100% real?” If so, let me ask you this. How is faith even a possibility if you can’t find proof that we have a creator? That there is a higher power that’s aiding us in everything that we do in life? How is LOVE possible if we have yet to document what and agreement of what love is? And that love isn’t something that is SEEN, but rather FELT? Isn’t it possible that manifesting your dream life is something that you have to experience for yourself? That you will never truly know the magic that lies on the other side of your skepticism and your disbelief unless you decide to just... TRY IT OUT for once in your life? I am a living, walking, breathing, human proof that the Law of Attraction is absolutely real. And I didn’t wait for someone to give me the scientific evidence of the law’s existence. Because last time I checked, I didn’t have to understand the science behind gravity to EXPERIENCE it. I didn’t have to know how electrical currents worked in order to walk up to my bedside table and turn on the light. There is a TON of reading you can go out and dive into all about the world of quantum physics (because yes, there IS actual scientific evidence) but I would much rather experience it to really KNOW it, rather than sit on intellectual knowledge just for the sake of having “proof” stamped by someone I don’t even know. This isn’t a rant out of frustration, but rather a rant to inspire you, as a retired logical, scientific, skeptical person myself... I want you to know that some things are 10x better experienced than studied 🙌🏼 Go out there and make your own damn proof 👊🏼 your reality can shift & change in ways that you have yet to FATHOM. And I can’t wait for you to experience that 💗
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Wake up with a passion for life. Go to bed believing it is true #❤️ #365#365challenge #365
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XO Gina
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But it’s really important to check yourself and make sure you do this with a compassionate and open heart rather than a critical and judgmental one♥️🙏🏽✨ . . Don’t forget that every one of us is a spiritual being having a human experience. It doesn’t matter what you believe in, what you do for work or fun, how you feel or what you think..we are ALL from the same place and it would be a heck of a lot more fun if we all came together and were kind and compassionate to one another. There is ALOT of judgement out there, and this will never bring about a positive outcome. Shift your mindset and watch abundance overflow✨✨✨✨✨✨✨♥️ . . . #nojudgement #checkyourself #compassion #love #mindset #perspective #spiritualfitness #mindbodysoul #wellness #holistic #healer #mindsetcoach #mindsettraining #growth #personaldevelopment
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Living Well & At Peace Once upon a time... this 👆🏻was the tagline for #TheClassyHippie. When it came down to it, that’s all I really desired. Living well — on my own terms & At Peace — Free from Anxiety. Through the many stages of business, the tagline dropped because it didn’t “make sense” — it didn’t pass the 5 second test of someone knowing what I did or what The Classy Hippie was about. Granted — I can see how that might be confusing when I was say, designing weddings. I’m at a place now where I’m learning that I don’t need to follow all of the rules — because not all of the rules produce the results I’m after, which is — after all this time, STILL to Live Well & At Peace. It’s been really fun uncovering so many limiting beliefs I’ve held over the years — things like, I have to have X because it’s the only way I’ll get Y — when really I could just have Y from the start and skip all the rest. I’m learning that my definition of “success” is shifting, which means laying down old identities, releasing limiting beliefs and fully embracing what I actually desire — instead of pursuing things or opportunities that I think will give me what I desire. I’m learning it’s all a lot simpler than I expected — and isn’t that just the best? Ahhhh. Life is good. 🙌🏻🌊💜
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