So much yes! I find in the hotter months that I crave fresh fruit and veggies way more. A simple spinach salad with a chicken bacon ranch quesadilla. #ww #weightwatchers #weightloss #pointsplus #progress #intuitiveeating #mindfuleating #wholefoods
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Today is Brown Bag It Day! Packing your lunch can help you save money and eat healthy👛👊 Keep your lunchbox interesting with creative & healthy meals. Need more inspiration for building a healthy lunchbox that is portable and easy to prep the night before? Try our Avocado Chickpea Sandwich or Confetti Wraps! Pair it with our Zany Zucchini Hummus and carrot sticks. Eating a healthy lunch every day has never been so TASTY!😉 Find the recipes on our website here👉 . . . . . #happyfoodshare #onthetable #recipeidea #healthgoals #healthytips #eatfresh #nourishtoflourish #healthyfamily #healthykids #healthyeating #healthymom #momlife #freshfood #mindfuleating #budgetfriendly #cleaneats #eatplants #eatyourveggies #eatyourfruit #healthyhabits #eatrightnotless #eatwellbewell #nourishyourbody
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I recorded a podcast this week (that I CAN’T WAIT for you to listen to) and before we dove into the main topic, I talked about being transparent when I still get afraid. It’s important to me that with success, I am still seen as a person who has growing to do. No matter how far you have come, roadblocks you push through, experience you gain…you can still feel afraid. You are a human and humans have emotions, and judging yourself for still feeling scared will not help you feel less scared. Pretending you aren’t scared will not help you feel less scared. . So no matter if it is in your career or personal growth, you have permission to hold space for both fear and strength. In doing so, you ultimately gain more strength. When you look up to those you admire, remember that they still have growing to do too.
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What are you doing this weekend?⠀ ⠀ In Atlanta, there's a ton going on. Aside from all the kickbacks and cookouts, there are several events, including....⠀ ⠀ Saturday:⠀ ▫️10 (yes ten) @ChooseATL block parties around the city on Saturday at 1 pm. ⠀ ▫️A Vegan Block party at 12 noon⠀ ⠀ Saturday & Sunday:⠀ ▫️ @AtlantaJazzFestival⠀ ▫️ Atlanta Carnival⠀ ▫️ Old Fourth Ward Park Arts Festival⠀ ▫️ Alpharetta Arts Streetfest⠀ ⠀ I've been busy the last few days getting some summer and cookout ready recipe, including this Southern-Style Plantain Salad inspired by @chefahki's Green Banana Salad.⠀ ⠀ My recipe is featured in this upcoming week's plant-based menu. So make sure you're signed up. It's free for your first 7 days. Go get signed up. ⠀
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Você come por prazer ou por impulso? Neste artigo novo do @personareoficial, a fundadora da @parceriahumana, @fabigcosta, explica que existem impulsos envolvidos no ato de comer, e que geralmente, estão atrelados à uma auto-regulação emocional que a pessoa não consegue conter. Leitura essencial para quem deseja entender estes mecanismos. #mindfuleating #compulsaoalimentar #atencaoplena #comermindful #personareoficial
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New thought is possible in any moment. . In any moment, no matter what the circumstances, no matter your state of mind, you can wait for the next thought if you don’t like the one passing through in this moment. Like when we watch TV and the commercial comes through and annoys the hell out of you, you simply wait until it passes, like a good girl, and then (finally!) The Real Housewives can start playing again (not that I would ever watch that sort of stuff because I’m a total dork and only watch Fantasy & Sci-Fi). . The point is though, that old thoughts are constantly being washed away and replaced with billions and billions of new thoughts. We can either jump on a thought, grab onto it and try to hold on to it for dear life, as our truth, or we can let thoughts go and simply let them flow through us. . Release and let it go. It’s safe to let it go. Let that shit go. . @emilybennington
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Happy Friday! 💃 // When your husband takes the day off from work you go for a walk, buy some plants 🌱, and then have a lunch date @littleharborlobstercompany! 🦀Their lobster rolls are amazing! So fresh, super light on the mayo, and served on toasted brioche buns! 😍We also shared a tasty ginger soda and a ridiculously delicious @ajkingbakery chocolate chip cookie for dessert. YUM. // How are you kicking off the long weekend? 🇺🇸
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