De algo que sirvan los Romanos! #Millennial #descubrimiento #2000
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You’ve been lied to. 🤭 Self-sufficiency is a lie. “Self-made” is a lie. Doing it “on your own” is a lie. Forget what ya heard because no one, and I repeat 🙅🏻‍♀️ NO one, accomplishes any lasting or meaningful success alone. Success doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Rock bottoms? 🕳 We can hit those all day without any assistance whatsoever. (Amiright?) But success, in ANY area of your life, is literally dependent on who you have in your corner. 🗣 The people we choose to let in our lives are our mentors for better or for worse. The people in your circle play the biggest role - more than your childhood, more than your intelligence, more than ANYTHING - in determining who you become. Inspired, passionate and motivated people don’t get (or stay) inspired, passionate and motivated alone. No, we surround ourselves with people who fan our flames. 🔥 Who light US up by lighting the way themselves. 🧚🏼‍♀️ Who push and challenge us to become the best, most fulfilled, most free versions of ourselves. 🙌🏼 Success isn’t possible without those people (or that one person) holding the bellows, fanning your inner fire when the road gets long and hard (which it DOES at times.) No one creates a beautiful, fulfilling, and free life alone. No one. So it begs the question...who are your (unwitting) mentors? Who has a seat at YOUR table? Can they light the way 🔦 to the kind of life you aspire to have? Do they fan your flame? 🧡 PS. If you answered no (or a wishy-washy yes) to any of the above, I invite you to take a seat at MY table (literally), break 🥖 bread, and be embraced by an incredible group of loving, inspired, passionate women at my upcoming event in #LosAngeles 👸🏻👸🏾👸🏼 LMK if you want the deets!
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Blazing trails. 💼
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It's okay to be new in your space. You have to start somewhere. Keyword: START. Don't let the fear of no one showing up on your first live video stop you from going live. Don't let others who have been speaking professionally longer than you stop you from going on stage and engaging the audience. We ALL were new at some point. In this picture I was nervous speaking at this event for entrepreneurs. I was one of the last speakers of a three day event and wanted to deliver something truly worth sticking around for especially after the great speakers that came before me. And you know what, after all the nerves within a couple of minutes I felt amazing sharing my content and the audience loved the content! You can't receive the benefits if you don't try. So go make video happen! Take that next step for you and your business! I'm here to help give you that push. What do you need from me to make it happen?
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