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-Moment 1- . 6/14/2018 . I am going through a transition to a new chapter in my life. Where my career is taking off and I have to move. In my journey for a new home, on the way I made the snap decision to camp in Moab. It was just a short detour to my final destination and I wanted to take a milky way shot through corona arch. However clouds were rolling in and it was still 90 degrees at 1:25am. I abandoned the hike and decided to take this four shot panorama and hang out with my neighboring campers who had offered me a beer. Sitting by the fire with a new set friends, underneath this incredible sky is when I realized I needed to start this project. . Life is too short to live to work, and go through mundane routines. I noticed this happening to myself where the days were becoming repetitive and tiresome. It took over me slowly over a course of almost a year. I had lost a lot of my drive for adventure and embracing the unplanned. So I thought to myself how many more opportunities do I have left to do this. Just to go to, have no real plan just a hunger for what the world has to offer. And how much longer will my body be able to keep up. That’s when I came up with the number of 5000 moments and that I would commit myself to this project.
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