Ugh a messy kitchen stresses me out so much! And the worst thing is that it’s a never ending perpetual cycle.. BUT what helps me let go is the fact that a messy kitchen also means that our family had a good healthy breakfast, it means I spent time playing with my son before the busy day started, that I took a few minutes to have a coffee and prepare for the day. Sometimes we have to look past the mess and focus on the good 💕 #messy #momlife #positivity #busymom #positivethinking
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Is #TBT still a thing? are people still doing that? Because I will always share memories, Thursday or not 😂 Love this memory. Captured by @katelynmaepruitt #mothersday #threegenerations #mommyandme #baking #zucchinibread #yummy #messy #lifestylephotography
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She is a queen, that can go from being royal to gangster in just 5 seconds. 🔥🤘🏽🌸 #Messy ☠️
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