I was reading this epic book last night by Joseph Campbell! Very wise man! Wanted to share this tip bit. (Photo) 😉 . We can’t be anybody else! We are innately our selfs when we try and be something or someone we are not it leaves us feeling unhappy & unfulfilled! . By stripping back our layers we remember who we were to begin with our true self! With out the trauma with out trying to please everyone all of the time! With all the suffering that we generally, actually cause are selfs! . As we unravel our selfs are ego/mind/identity can literally try and hold on to all of our story’s all of our pain, to keep us where we are, it’s in these moments that to feel our pain without the story empowers us to collapse that story! . As we let go of who we think we our we enable a new world to open up in front of us, it’s a new way of living being breathing! ❤️🙏
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|<81/365>| 285 DAYS: THE DISTINGUISHED GENTLEMAN || #tbt this week includes a time in life when I had hit the peak at Texas State. I was slowly becoming the distinguished gentleman. Everything was put in place and I had it all planned out. Life was as simple as going to work at PwC. Something inside of me told myself that it wasn’t right.. it wasn’t the right choose to make. Even though the money was nice, the security was there, and I would’ve learned a lot about the field of accounting, I ended up throwing it all away and starting with a new path. Life has a funny way of being like a sketch or drawing.. if it’s not coming out right, you can ball it up, throw it in the trash, and start with a clean page. Remember this next time you would to transition in another field or world beyond your current one. - ~ - Peace, love, humble endings. • • • • #blo#blog/a> #blog #bus#business #motivation #peace #love #distinguished #gentleman #collegegrad #txst #accounting #accountingmajor #big4 #PwC #suc#success/a> #success #uh #gocoogs #masters #mastersdegree #model #president #student #friend #mentor #tutor #businessman #business
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Mentor. Coach. Friend. Someone to look up to. Someone to challenge him. And someone who believes in him @hooplife coaches go above and beyond to build the relationships with their players that help them grow and succeed to become the athletes they dream of So grateful that I found a group that is aligned with the same principles that we follow. #ourjourneyisoursuccess #coaches #basketball #mentor #belief #athlete #mentality #aligned #parents #success #kidsport
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