Wir kommen nach Leipzig und freuen uns auf einen super Abend im NO LIMIT! 26.5 http://kletter-werkstatt.de/veranstaltung/mentalesworkshop-leipzig-29-05-18/ #leipzig #nolimit #klettern #men#mentaltraining #mentalworkout #getstrong #havefun #kletterwerkstatt #climbing #mental
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Respekt auf und neben dem Golfplatz ist wichtig. Anerkennung und Respekt gegenüber dir selber kann dein Golfspiel positiv beeinflussen.🏌️‍♀️⛳️🏌️😀 #respekt #gol#golfntal #golf #mentaltraining #feelgood #sportmentalcoaching #fahrnicoaching_ch #erfolg #leadership #MentalCaddie
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Let’s see how the girls handle their competition stress today! 🤸‍♀️#animosportpsychologie #sportpsychology #lovemyjob #observing #gymnastics #mentaltraining
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Remember this lyric: ‘I always feel like somebody’s watching me, 👀 and I have no privacy.’— name that tune? 🎧 My 80’s friends should get this!! Ok, ok, to the post— here’s the deal, your kids are watching you and often model beliefs and behaviors after you. 😬 Kids adopt conclusions based on what you say and do. They learn what NOT TO DO and they learn what TO DO! So, what are they learning? 🤔 It’s difficult to look in the mirror and honestly take inventory. Please do! This week, I heard about a single mom with two elementary age children dragging her kids to sleepovers with her boyfriend. 😫She is damaging the rent home she is in with her uncleanliness and animals. She refuses or can’t pay her bills and is now being evicted. What do you think is being taught and learned? Too many times in my 20+ year career, I’ve heard couples threaten divorce and other relationship ending words while arguing in front of or in ear shot of kids.🤬😥Trust gets broken instantly with that escalation. Dividing household work is also a hotbed of controversy. Let’s face it, the home is a for profit business and you must model that with a good division of work and fiscal responsibility. 🚮🏧What are you modeling and teaching there? Hopefully you are not in consumer debt or living beyond your means. Food, yep another area you model in what you say and do. 🍰🍧🍻🍔🌮🍟🍎🍒🍇🥦🥑 What are you teaching? Oh my head could explode with this one too. I saw someone I love give Cheetos and ketchup to her young daughter. Yikes! Chemically laden processed crap that is not good. There is nothing of nutritional value in Cheetos and it is a pollutant food to the body and 🧠 brain. It’s not good! Carrots and hummus would be 1000% better. Do you overeat? Under eat? Complain or verbally assault yourself in front of your kids for the way you look? Yes, I know I’m targeting 🎯parents right now. I’m aiming to get you to think about your choices and the impact on those who watch you. If you need to grow up, do it! Grow up and make good, healthy choices, so your kids in turn can grow up and make mature and responsible choices. Soap box done...for today. Please feel free to comment.
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You need to get outside more. Your body and mind need it. You deserve to take a break from the madness and unplug for just a moment. It's unreal what a trip to my mother in law's home close to nature is doing for me. Nature has the power to break you out of your cycle and it can bring you back to a peaceful state. The mind gets cluttered by gossip, worry, envy or anger and you need an equalizer like nature to clear up the mess inside so you can go back to what you were doing as a better and stronger you. Not everyone has access to mountains or the sea and that's okay. The good news is that you can step outside and stare at the blue sky we all have in common.
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