I've been okay. But not okay. . Just kinda of existing in a made up world of my own creating. Staying cuddled up in the safe walls of home. . I've been out of the house, I've cleaned, I've tried to get a grasp of myself but honestly, most of it has been spent on the sofa staring vapidly into the TV or my phone. . Im planning on smart recovery tomorrow, hoping it goes well and I get some positive tips. . My dreams have still been crazy, filling my bedtimes with dread and my morning with anxiety. It's just something I deal with the best I can. And some days are really far worse than others. . I've been smoking too much. It's like everytime I want a smoke I reach for a joint, instead of thinking oh I don't wanna get more high I wanna smoke. Something I need to work on. Tips are highly recommended. . #mentalhealthwarrior #bpdwarrior #bpdrecovery #ptsdrecovery#ptsdawareness #loveandlight #recoverycommunity
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Because I went thru way to goddamn much not to be. I survived, & it was for a reason, now what makes me happy I pursue vigorously, & unapologetically, paying it forward along the way. May all survivors, victims, & anyone in between do the same. 🙏🏾♏ #happinessisthegoal #gowiththeflow #myreceptivecapacityiswideopen #earnedsecurity #stillworkinghard #foreverhealing #evolution #progression #enlightenment #domesticviolencesurvivor #mentalhealthwarrior
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I feel so lost this week. So irritated and emotional. My anxiety and paranoia has gone away, but now I feel angry and annoyed at everything. I’m tired and exhausted. I don’t want to be around people, I don’t want to go to work or be at work. This photo was from last weekend, and although i started off being cranky and anxious, all that faded away after a couple of drinks and conversations with good people. But as soon as reality hits again, I fall back into feeling like crap. I’m looking for a new therapist and GP. I need a second opinion. I’m scared I’m not getting any better and things haven’t really changed. I don’t want to feel like this anymore. 🍂 #depression #mentalillness #mentalhealth #depressionandanxiety #anxietyandparanoia #depressionisreal #thinkpositive #mentalhealthblogger #mentalhealthwarrior #depressionfighter #onedayatatime #mentalhealthawareness #stepbystep #icandothis #depressionhurts #lifeishard #itsokaynottobeokay #depressionsucks #givemestrength #overit
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NEW BLOG POST: Coping with OCD at ComicCon — “I’m living with dermatillomania; an obsessive compulsive skin-picking disorder. To clarify, I don’t mean picking at a hangnail. I mean picking relentlessly and obsessively at my hands and arms. This obsessive behavior is heightened when I’m anxious and I tend to skin-pick to relieve my anxiety. I use Band-Aids to cover up the spots that I pick; this keeps my picking to a minimum and covers my visually unappealing wounds and scars. As a result, my hands and arms are normally covered in colorful and decorative Band-Aids. I wear long sleeves to cover my arms, but there isn’t much that I can do about my hands.” Continue reading this post on my blog, link to blog in @uncustomaryhousewife bio.
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🌿🎶☀️💞 And then... . There is nature.... Art... And poetry... If that is not enough... . What is enough...? 🌿🌿🎶🎶☀️☀️☀️☀️💞💞💞 . .~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . Connect for integrated approach to physical and mental health ... 🌻Consultation and classes by prior appointment. 🌻Workshop and retreat in India and around the world with customised tour program Connect for details beautiful souls🌸🌸 . . . #health #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawarness #toptags #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthday #mentalhealthrecovery #mentalhealthwarrior #mentalgains #bewell #invisibleillness #healthandwellness #mentalstrength #depression #anxiety #min#mindfullness #healthymind #help #mind #mindset #healthylife #stress #mentalhealthsupport #control #recovery #overthinking #bipolar #wellness #livingfree
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So what I see when I first look at these pictures are a happy girl on vacation (even though I had a broken leg in the right picture). . Left I was in Sydney in 2016. Right I was in Colorado this year. My face is slimmer, yes, but my mind is stronger. . Let me tell you right now I would have NOT made it past this injury so positively if I wouldn’t have made changes previously. This coaching community, my accountability group, these workouts, my personal development, and all of these habits I’ve made for myself have made me so much stronger mentally. I am physically different for sure, but my mind is what I’m most proud of. . I can go on vacation without stress if getting off track, I know I am strong enough to get through any situation, I workout for energy and sanity, not for weight loss, everyday I think about what I’m most grateful for and I coach others to do the same. . I hope I have been able to show you that this “thing” I’m doing is more than just workouts. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a community. It’s everything to me. . So if you’re wanting out of your rut, you think you deserve more, you need a lifestyle change, you want to learn what to eat for life, you need help starting to workout, you want some amazing friends OR ANYTHING, I’m your girl. You deserve this. DM me or click the link in my bio and fill out the survey for my April enrollment because we will be talking about these habits and routines that have changed my world.
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💫Dismiss your fear, ignore your doubts, take the step forward. • I started without results. • I signed up absolutely petrified that I was now going to be a part of this “girl gang” full of women I didn’t know at all. • I signed up while I was working 40 hours a week and taking 18 credit hours in school. • I was terrified that I was going to waste the money we had to insanely readjust our budget for in order for me to sign up. • I signed up with a glimpse of hope that I would still be doing it 30 days from when I started. • I was paralyzed in fear of what my family would think, what my friends would think, and what they would say behind my back. • Then I felt the magic that occurred when I got to help my first person sign up and get started on their fitness journey. • I felt the power of keeping my promise to myself and my clients of working out every day. • I felt the sense of community and absolute love that came from these women who only knew me through Facebook messenger. • I felt this sense of confidence that I had never felt before. • I felt my relationship with my husband become sweeter, happier, and goofier than it ever had been. • I felt my depression and anxiety subside, I had more energy than I felt in a long time. • I often find myself wondering where I would be at today if I wouldn’t have taken that chance and signed up DESPITE my fears. • I had every fear, every reason to say no, every doubt that I could actually do this. • So here I am, asking you, to dismiss your fear, ignore your doubts, and take the chance. • My life has changed so much more than just physically. • I want you to experience it as well❤️
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Trust the process. So cliche but so important to do.  The process is hard and no day is going to feel the same. Some days you are going to love it and other days you are going to want to just say not today! It happens 🤷🏼‍♀️ but the outcome is well worth it. . To look back on old pictures of myself and to see what I have accomplished makes me so happy. It honestly shocks me that at one point I was not taking care of myself the way I should. What makes me the happiest is how surprisingly maintainable living a healthy lifestyle is. It is not temporary and I will not “fall off the band wagon.” I will continue this, and it will continue to be my lifestyle bc it is so important to me. It is so important to me to be able to teach my future children this. It is so important to me to be able to continue to help other women get started on their own journeys. . I know what it’s like to keep telling yourself, “I will start tomorrow” and I know what it’s like to finally start & stay on track. I want to give other women the same support I had because I know it’s so important to this process. No one journey is going to look the same, but with support, so much is possible 💕 . There is still room on my team for you, girlfraynd. If you want more info on what this is all about, drop your favorite emoji in the comments or don’t hesitate to send me a message ❤️
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