Do you think all drugs and surgeries are bad? 🤔 . I saw this on @regenerativeperformance IG and was like YES! THIS! But I wanted a light background so, 🤷‍♀️ sorry Dr. Drew I recreated it. 😂 . I think balance in our medical choices is important and I would hate for any of you to think all western medicine options are evil and should be avoided. 😳 . I understand many of you have had negative experiences involving drugs or surgery but I would also imagine many of you had NECESSARY experiences that might have saved your life (or the life of your family). 🤭 . I’m saying this as a doctor trained in holistic individual functional natural medicine! If you need it, then use it. You can enjoy the best of both worlds and shouldn’t feel guilty about it! 🤗 . I’ll be honest, I do get frustrated when I read other accounts of practitioners, coaches or representatives who perpetuate the idea that their “alternative” way is the only way. Of course I support my medicine 100% but I’m a realist and have had to use medicine (or surgery) on myself and did so without guilt. And I’m hoping this post will help if you’re feeling guilty or bad about medical choices you’ve made. Those other people quite honestly aren’t living your life and don’t experience living in your body everyday. 🙃 . A few months ago when I posted that I ended up in the ER while at a conference and the decisions I made given the situation I was in at the time, I was surprised at the number of people who dm’d me to tell me what I “should” have done and that the decisions I made were questionable. 🤪 . Ha! Y’all. I am a doctor and I have my masters in public health. I can 100% assure you I fully understood the decisions I made AND knew what I was going to do once I flew home. I just had to get home. You can take your judgmental “ shoulda” somewhere else. 😉 . So, if you find yourself on your high horse soap box about to tell someone that their medical decisions are “bad,” you better check yourself. Maybe compassionately educate versus sending side-eye. ♥️ . There is a time and place for a lot of different kinds of healing. 👩‍⚕️
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Mindfulness doesn't always come naturally, especially for those of us who are extremely busy during what feels like 24/7. Practicing mindfulness everyday can reduce your everyday stress and even increase your appreciation for the smaller things in life. A great tip for being more mindful is by practicing it in the morning right when you wake up. In the morning, try putting off checking social media, messages, or emails until you've had a few moments to yourself to be present during your morning routine. Go through the motions of your morning, but try paying more attention to them and your surroundings. Try waiting until you've almost finished and have gotten to the point where you've started your morning with clarity and can now disrupt it with the everyday noise of life.
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Lifting my way into a new week like 😫💥 Smash it 👊🔥
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