There’s no time to be bored in a World like this!🌎🌳
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The epitome of excitement ... driving deeper into the #salforest listening for alarm calls of the deer and langurs, in search of tigers!! #junglesafari #kanhanationalpark #madhyapradesh #india
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Teamwork 😍 Linda would spot through her binoculars and commentate the wildlife whilst Graham captured the shots using her head as a tripod! #onsafari #loveis #kanhanationalpark #madhyapradesh
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View from the adobe veranda of our tent @shergarh_kanha complete with bathing #cow (second pic). We definitely had the best spot in the jungle! #pondlife #tentedcamp #madhyapradesh #india
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Belated earth day post; it’s hard to have a true connection to the earth and its ecological problems if you spend no time out in it. Away from the cities and concrete surfaces. It’s on a glacier, or an old growth forest that you feel the change, and recognize your intrinsic connection to this living breathing orb. Before you doubt or criticize the environmental movement. Get off social media and go see for yourself. #earthday
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