Does poor sleep make your pain worse? Check out Dr Janine’s latest blog post on how poor sleep can impact on your pain and some ways you can improve your sleep hygiene 😴 . . . . . #middleparkosteo #healthandwellness #ost#osteoy #portmelbourne #osteo #melbournehealth #pain #sleep #stkilda #elwood #holistichealing #holistichealth
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Oh I felt 2019 would bring changes! My biz will now be called Light Lark Kinesiology. When I work with clients, I love when they mention that they feel calmer, more grounded and lighter. When they connect to their body and receive messages that help to let go of stress, or follow that path, or listen to a part of their soul that maybe they hadn’t connected to before. To me, that’s what Light Lark means. I look forward to continue to grow under this name, and just a little reminder, I work from Northcote on Saturdays. PM for info on sessions. ⭐️💕❤️
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Just a quick day trip to Canberra for the official book launch at Parliament House. Is it weird to think when we started writing this, I didn't have kids? Lol. It may have taken a long time (2 kids later), but the end product is pretty great (well I think so anyhow!) . . . . . . #officiallyanauthor #wemadeit #teameffort #myotherlife #agedpain #management #strategies #painmanagement #residentialagedcare #melbournehealth #royalmelbournehospital #rmhroyalpark #aps #australianpainsociety
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Margaret, valued Ear & Hearing Australia client, discusses the benefits of her #Lyric hearing aids including the worry-free 30 day trial, the fact that they are 100% invisible, and that she can sleep, exercise, and live her life normally without being conscious that they're even there. "I tried them and my life changed. It was wonderful. I would advise anybody who is considering hearing aids to do the Lyric experience." . . . #hearinghealth #hearingaids #hearingloss #hearingtest #audiology #audiologists #hearingclinic #melbourne #melbournehealth #hardofhearing #hearwelllivewell #happyclient #happycustomer #testimonial #clienttestimonial
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In line with my fundraising campaign to help fight diabetes in Fiji, I thought I would shine some light on this disease. TYPE 2 DIABETES is a worldwide health issue, and is affecting more people at younger ages than ever before. It is described as a lifestyle disease due to the risk factors attributed with its development: lack of physical activity, unhealthy eating habits, smoking and overweight. Other risk factors include genetics, older age and those with co-morbid conditions such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure or PCOS. SYMPTOMS of Type 2 Diabetes can include: ~ Excessive or unusual thirst or hunger ~ Increased frequency in passing urine ~ Fatigue and/or lethargy, dizziness ~ Blurred vision ~ Slow healing wounds, itching or skin infections If you’ve been experiencing symptoms like this and haven’t had it investigated, I would recommend checking in with a health practitioner! NEXT I will explain what’s happening in the body when someone has Type 2 Diabetes, and what sugar has to do with it all 🍩
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NEW IN STORE ✨ We’re now stocking a selection of the gorgeous @vanchi_and_outlookbaby nappy bags! Come visit and have a gander 👀
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For a moment after my last post, I wondered whether I share too much about the hard times…whether I might come across as ‘glass half empty’. But then I caught those thoughts…I don’t care if it seems that way I decided.
I know how much joy there is in my life. I talk about the hard, messy emotional stuff because I don’t think enough people do….in relation to mothering or in general. Too many of people suffer in silence and think they’re alone with it. I share because if it helps one other person to know that they’re not the only one, then it was worth it. I share because upholding an image of someone that has it all together just got way too heavy. I share because learning to feel our feelings, ALL OF THEM, is the path to wholeness - personally and collectively. And I share because I’ve always felt deeply and I’ve spent most of my life trying to ‘fix’ and change this about myself.. But finally I’ve come to a point where I see my capacity to feel as much as I do, and being willing to voice it, as a necessary part of my healing and how I can be in service to others. This is who I am. Soft. Sensitive. Deep. Messy. Thoughtful. Kind. Wild. And all the rest...Ever changing & ever evolving. Time to be it, own it, love it. . Image via @drchristinacruz 💕
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👁What Do You See 👁 Re-Intro to Change of Direction & Agility can be difficult during the athlete’s first time post ACL repair || The Lateral Shuffle to Acceleration can be a nice place to re-learn a few key points before progressing to more difficult movements || COMMENT with your cue’s for the first rep & then what you think the athlete improves on in rep number 2️⃣ #acl #rehab #soccer
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