@sir@sirosvaziri - It's no surprise that I'm a huge fan of big, dark and dry cymbals, but whatever cymbal setup I put together (I change it around a lot), what matters most to me is that every cymbal on the kit has a purpose and blends together with the others. Let's take a look at the @meinlcymbals I'm using right now, and more importantly, WHY I'm using them. From left to right: 16" Byzance Extra Dry Medium Thin Hihats - These are my all-time favorite hats. For this particular cymbal setup, I wanted big and dark sounds, and to me there's no better fit than these hats. Super articulate despite the size, too! 20" Byzance Jazz Extra Thin Ride - I usually like to have two "crash sources" on my kit, but I also enjoy having two "ride sources". This cymbal does both. It can be a big and roaring crash, or a washy and buttery ride, all in one. 22" Byzance Jazz Symmetry Ride - Same idea behind this cymbal as with the 20" Jazz Ride mentioned above. This is more of a dedicated ride for me than the 20" Jazz Ride is, but it still has a ton of crashability, allowing me to play it however I want. Also blends amazingly with the other dark and trashy cymbals on the kit. Stack - 18" top cymbal from a Matt Garstka Fat Stack, over a upside-down Meinl 12" Classics Custom Trash Splash. This is the ultimate stack for me. I like a stack that has a pretty soft attack and that isn't too harsh, but still has a lot of presence. Usually I'll keep this stack pretty loose, and I always mount it on a auxiliary hihat arm, so it's like a mix of a trashy hihat and a stack for me. Can't get enough of it. 22" prototype china - This thing is insane. Because of how big and thin it is, it's super responsive and versatile. I can hit it once for a big effect, crash it repeatedly, or just lightly ride on it. It responds to every dynamic, and has become a core component of my setup recently. 10" Byzance Extra Dry Dual Splash - Last but not least (but smallest). This is the PERFECT splash for me. Extremely quick and biting, almost like a small stack. Serves as a nice effect and contrast to all the bigger cymbals in this setup. Hope that gave you guys some insight. 👊 / @sirosvaziri
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Nr. 1 or 2? What groove do you like the most? Leave a comment below! 👇 Bonus: what time signature am I playing in? 🥁 • These were so much fun to come up with! Hot damn it feels good to play! Often when I play I have a stone-face because I’m so concentrated, but these made me smile. 😁 • Follow for more drumming videos! 🤙 • I use gear from: @meinlcymbals @officialtamadrums @vicfirth @remopercussion#groove #dru#drumve #fill #drumfill #drum #drums #drummer #drumming #happyplace #drumstagram #instadrums #instadrummer #drummersofinstagram #meinl #meinlcymbals #meinlfamily #tama #tamadrums #tamastarclassic #vicfirth #vicfirthsticks #vicfirth5b #remo #remoheads #teamremo #trummor #trummis #grooving #oddtimesignatures #musician
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Repost from @puputputceh ・・・ The only “Job” that is right for me 💁🏻‍♂️ 📸:@anggrabagja #meinl #meinlcymbals #meinlindonesia #meinlfamily #burgerkill
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This is prolly my favorite section to play live 🧙🏿‍♂️#Knowsuffer #vicfirth #meinlcymbals #meinlfamily
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