Our boy @431_coachclare stopped in today for some TLC. He had an impact injury that stressed a ligament on his inner elbow. That’s not good for a high level #Cro#Crossfitter, let alone a competitive #dodgeball player. He’s both 😬. - You’ve thrown a dodgeball before. One of those new lightweight ones. It’s hard to whip it. When you do, serious strain goes through that arm, as you can imagine from he pic above. - The impact injury wasn’t necessarily what caused the strain. It was likely already there, and the impact brought it out. Look at those connected lines in the @anatomytrainsofficial pics. A LOT has to work together to generate and control force going down that arm. - We learned he had an old rotator cuff strain that although felt good, tested weak. That caused a control problem that made his forearm work harder when throwing, which ended up getting weakened due to the injury, which then led to his tricep getting crazy tight to compensate 🤦🏻‍♂️. - Long story short. Where you think it is, it ain’t. Your body will always find the path of least resistance. And the mystery is in the history. - If we just treated his elbow we would be missing the boat by a long shot. Ps, that inner elbow gets a lot of strain in @Crossfit too. Double whammy for us to think about. - Goals? Get that cuff doing its job better. Protect the inner elbow. Tell that tricep to piss off and get the forearm to protect the injury. Then progess him back to throwing and catching heavy 🤬. The end. - #IfYouCanDodgeAWrench #elbow #injury #throwing #mechanics #lifting #sport #Crossfit #fitness #physicaltherapy #AhartasAnecdotes #Winnipeg @crossfit431 PhotoCred: @medium
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A Sunday well spent brings a week of content ☀️ #weekend #happiness
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Checking out these new light modules from @eastwoodco so far they are working out great! They are rechargeable and mount almost anywhere. #tiacrew #mechanics #led #lights #automotive #jee#jeepcj7 #jeep
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