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There is a period of sunglasses made between the 70's and mid 80's which time and time again draws me into the ebay app long after I've consumed dozens and dozens of vintage glasses just chasing that inimitable pair that somebody didnt see how wonderful they were and put them on the site for a song. I use them to inspire silk designs - as I did with a pair of Carrera sunglasses last year. And of all the brands you can find, to my mind the Dunhill ones made most often by Optyl represent the best of the best. This pair, which I will write about on the blog soon, have a mille grain metal border, a detail that seems forgotten in today's manufacturing but at the same time its fused with a modernity of aviator shape or a variation of. Craftsmanship like this is seldom seen these days without paying more than a thousand dollars. And yet you can, not often, but you can, find pairs like this for less than 70usd on Ebay.
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