Like if you want to see @laurensearle in the pages of @maxim_newzealand. #maxim #model #newzealand #kiwi #🥝
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"어떤 방식이든 진짜여야 되고, 진심으로 얘기하고, 다가가고, 표현하는 삶. 그게 지금도, 앞으로도 진선규라는 남자가 사는 삶이 아닐까" - 맥심과 황금기를 콘셉트로 함께한 배우 진선규의 진심이 통한 걸까요? 그가 출연한 영화 <극한직업>이 역대 흥행 2위에 등극하며, 1,500만 관객 수를 앞두고 있습니다. 재밌게 보셨나요?🤣 - #맥심 #maxim #진선규 #영화 #배우 #극한직업 #MOVIE #ACTOR
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This beautiful woman here allowed me to take some headshots with her. This was my first session doing headshots in the park and I was really eager to do it so I could then show people what I can give them. With the knowledge and confidence I now know I can deliver great images to others and that makes me very pleased. . Face in frame, the DJ @jesdanz . . Ad600pro 45/45 @godox_photo_equipment
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