FULL INTERVIEW IN ENGLISH. THIRD AND LAST PART. . Question: After all the analysis, now it does not take one who hits the table and says 'Stop, it's just beat the Swedes' Mats: That does not get you anywhere, so I certainly do not say that. Question: How do you plan to attack this concrete defense of the Swedes? Mats: First of all, it will be asked that we bring more players in the sixteen. Our penalty area was an issue. We have player types from the attacking midfield, who have to come in the sixteen. Funnily, this is a similar topic as in Bayern, where also Frank and Arjen rather reluctant to send a cross in the sixteen. But that's relevant to get started worrying. Against Mexico we had many players in the offensive area but too few in the really dangerous area. Question: How does the coach deal with the situation as a whole? Mats: He is aware of the whole, but has absolutely no panic, knows exactly what is important. And he knows he can rely on his players. Question: Can the criticism from outside, which in part also went under the belt, also cause a wagon mentality in your country? Mats: That can be. The nature of criticism has become increasingly extreme in recent years. We can already estimate that. In case of success, we are too often celebrated too often. Both the positive and the negative should not be allowed to go upside down. . . The interview in its original language, German, is in dfb.de . The direct link is on @dfb_team 's ig story. . 📷 @alexanderhassenstein . My partners: @rl9fanpage21 @joshua.kimmich.32.18 @footballplayersandwags @wagsworld_ #aussenrist15 #matshummels #hummels #5 #mh5 #diemannschaft #dfbteam
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FULL INTERVIEW IN ENGLISH. PART TWO. . Question: Your interview right after the Mexico game went through the whole world. Did it surprise you? Mats: Well, I have not heard the full force, and I have to say that I'm not reading everything. Some see it as something positive, some see it as negative. The media make big differences. Question: Was your interview a kind of wake-up call, a wake-up call? Mats: More important was what we discussed internally. Question: In such a phase, how important is the team behind the team, who might also encourage a player again, the fitness coaches? Mats: So they always do a great job. Both those working directly with us, such as the physios, as well as those who do about the organizational, do the DFB, since I'm here, an absolute world-class job. Question: Did the team psychologist have to talk a lot? Mats: You only get that when he talks to you. Because fortunately he does not go peddling with it. And that's why it's not part of the public. Question: What is it all about for the leading players, especially in front of such a co-game? Mats: First of all, for the leading players as well as for everyone else, you have to make an effort. We address the things that need to be improved. If it gets difficult, you have to go ahead, take responsibility. We have many personalities in this team. Question: What is currently the mood in the team? Mats: It goes up now. Now the belief comes back that we can do that. I think the majority of the crew also think so. We know that we can do much better. Question: How important are standards? Mats: Very important. In 2014 we shot many goals to standards. I went through it last time, and I mean there were four without a penalty. Plus a pole goal in the final, also there could have been a standard decisive. We figured out a lot against Mexico. Funnily, they have not only out of the game, but also defended the standards differently than they knew them in recent years. The Swedes will be better now. . (CONTINUES IN THE NEXT POST)
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FULL INTERVIEW IN ENGLISH. PART ONE. . Question: Mats Hummels, is the change of scenery good? Mats: That is not related to the change of location. We drew the right conclusions after Sunday's game. We realized what our problems were. And now we're trying to work it through and improve in the sessions and training. Question: You were one of the first to address very strongly what went wrong against Mexico. Has your criticism fallen on fertile ground? Mats: Yeah, we had the feeling before that somehow it's clear what we're doing wrong, and then we did it again anyway. Maybe it helped that these things were now publicly worked up and discussed again. So far in every tournament I played in, from 2010 to 2016, we had a constellation in the third group match, after which we could have eliminated. So far, we have always done well with it. But that's not a guarantee for the next two games. Question: Do you expect the Swedes to be a defensive bastion? Mats: Yes, I think so. Given how they have played in the past, as well as they have prevailed in the playoffs, and also when you calculate that the Swedes will be a 0:0 very well, we can assume that the game will go more in that direction. Question: How was the debate on Tuesday from your point of view? Mats: Yeah well, that's quite normal. We've had all stages in our career in the club or the national team, where it did not go that way. Then things are brought to the table that do not work. We did that. I have a good feeling that the coaching team will also turn and turn the right screws. That's no guarantee that everything will work right now. But the gross mistakes we made as a team should be taken off now. (CONTINUES IN THE NEXT POST)
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