My 8th time making this wireless design bra and finally we have a wearable one that fits in all the right places✌️🎉🎊 I wanted to make a gorgeous bra that one can sleep in and breastfeed, don't have to worry about those clips, just pull the fabric on the side and you are ready to go. The fabric is treated with stain resistant solution ( goodby milk stains) and the inside part has mesh lining with a pocket to put nursing pads if you choose to. Anyone who has ever sewed spandex/nylon stretchy kind of material can tell you just how hard it is, and with a technical piece like a bra, It is a total grindwork!!! So many weekends and weeknights after work are spent hunching over a sewing machine, I would stitch a part, only to unstitch it and do it all over again. With this product, I want every single woman to feel luxurious, loved and special❣️. With that as our brand mission, it becomes easy to keep going. As a startup I don't have huge funding to outsource the pattern making, tech pack, CAD designing and the early prototyping part, so your girl ASMA does it all in house!!! In coming weeks, we will be unveiling our Kickstarter campaign so that we can start the factory sample making process and the first production. #breastfeeding #pregnancy #mom #momlife #mat#maternityion #womensfashion #maternity #bra#brarnitybra #bra #lingerie #sexy #empoweringwomen #grit #hardwork #startup #entrepreneur #businesswoman #doimpossible
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