Maria Steiner, 1918. Black crayon on Japan paper by Egon Schiele. e Klimt/Schiele. Drawings from the Albertina Museum, Vienna at the Royal Academy of Arts. Final week. #egonschiele #mariasteiner #portrait #cra#crayonper #drawing #art #crayon #sketch #sketching #exhibition #theroofcat
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Live-Sendung verpasst? Macht nichts! Hier ist der Link: Sendung vom Samstag, 5.1.2019 Wir freuen uns über freundliche Kritik, Anregungen, Musiktips, Musikwünsche, etc., wie immer nach dem Motto: Hör' zu - Mach' mit! Themen ------------ Januarloch 6.Janaur, Dreikoenigstag, Dreikoenigskuchen, Sternensinger 12 Raunaechte Vorsaetze fuer’s neue Jahr Gratitude Jar Bitte werde Mitglied --------------------------- Bitte werde Mitglied oder erneuere Deine Mitgliedschaft bei uns - nicht vergessen: German group Musik --------- Polo Hofer – Kiosk Schneewalzer – Peter Alexander Sternensinger Baschi – es raegnet Gold ChueLee - voll motiviert Oesch die Dritten – Jodel Medley Polo Hofer – Stuehl ewaegg Trauffer – Heiterefahne Nana Mouskouri – Rosen aus Athen Jodlerklub Wiesenberg – Bluemattler Naturjodel Danke fürs Zuhören und es guet’s Neus Joor Ihre, Eure und Deine Maria Steiner
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Full Moon Reading, April 2018 (full moon in Scorpio). Angel Tarot Oracle cards: FIVE OF AIR "An unwise choice. Learn what you can from this situation. Review everyone's motives." Find clarity amongst the chaos. Value other's opinion and input, but make your own choice and decisions. Trust your intuition. Be firm with your decisions. Deep inside you always know what is best for you. Bath in the moonlight if possible, Prema Maria 😘🌝#fullmoonreading #fullmoon #moonreading #angeltarot #angeltarotcards #fiveofair #angelcardreadingswithmariasteiner #moonlover #bathinthemoonlight
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FULL MOON READING for January 2018 (full moon in Cancer, it is a super moon). Fairy Tarot cards: THE STAR "Look to the future with hope and optimism! The power of faith to move mountains. Happy changes that bring relief from challenging times." Reach for the stars in 2018. Break boundaries and limitations. We mainly set our own boundaries and limitations, take them down. Don't blame others. Each of us, is responsible for our own personal contement and happiness. I wish you a blessed New Year, with divine love, Prema Maria. #happy2018 #reachforthestars #fullmoon #fullmoonreading #fullmoonincancer #fairytarotcards #thestar #majorarcana #angelcardreadingswithmariasteiner #hello2018
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