She wasn’t bored, just restless between adventures ✈️💛
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#Easter is a celebration of hope. Hope inspires us begin believing again for the things we aspire for. ⠀⠀ What are the things you hope for? What do you want to begin again? ⠀⠀ Work/Business - What will deliver you more results? What results do you aspire in the first place? More sales, more life balance, more learnings? What if you begin by defining the results that you want to achieve? ⠀⠀ Finance - How is your net cash flow? Two things to improve your cash flow - (1) increase your income (inflows) or decrease your expenses (outflows). Do you really need 50 pairs of clothes? Maybe you can start by other choosing @mariekondo which sparks joy to you and sell those who doesn’t in . ⠀⠀ Health - You are what you eat. Why not eat what you want to be? Why not start eating healthy today? I highly recommend @gosalads 🥗 ⠀⠀ Relationships - Who are the 20% of the people in your life that gives the 80% happiness? Why not start spending more time with them? ⠀⠀ Spirit - What inspires your soul? Why not take time to feed your soul? . . . . #lifestyleblog #personalblog #lifestyleblogger #healthymindset #man#manifesting #lawofattraction #manifestyourdreams #manifestyourlife #positiveintentions #powerofthemind #easter #highvibes #highvibetribe #manifest #manifestation #positiveliving #selfgrowth #spiritjunkie #theuniversehasyourback #tribevibes #vibrationalenergy #youaremagic #youarepowerful #goodthoughts #abundancemindset #growthmindset #personalgrowth #selftalk #centred
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🌅DON'T WAIT FOR THE SUNSET OF YOUR LIFE TO START LIVING🤸‍♀️ So many of us are putting all our energy in working hard now to earn more money while being in a jobs that don't make us fulfilled. At least it's paying the bills and maybe even allowing to save a bit for our future so that one day in the future, maybe when we retire, we can do what we are truly passionate about. Maybe buy a campervan and travel all around the world. Maybe go on that pilgrimage that we have been dreaming of for a long time. Maybe spending more time with the people that we love. STOP. Have you ever thought that that future might never come? I don't want to be negative. In fact, I just want to wake us up. So we do make time for the things that we are passionate about now. So we do make time for the people that we love. So we do make time for the things that make us feel fulfilled. Postponing your dreams to one day is not alright. I do understand that some goals take a lot of time to achieve and make no mistake, I am absolutely for it! But what I mean is that you are able to start living your ideal day or at least getting closer to it today. Very often all you need to do is to get out of your comfort zone and gain some new habits and reconsider your priorities to get aligned to the change you want to see in your life. Please let me know what is it that you are going to do today that you would do even if you had a complete freedom to do whatever you want today? - - - - - #thinkandgrow #thinkandgrowrich #napoleonhill #abrahamhicks #abrahamhicksteachings #abrahamhicksquotes #thelawofattraction #selfdevelopmentbooks #spiritualentrepreneur #vibrations #vibrationalenergy #vibrationalhealing #mydreams #drwaynedyer #estherhicks #rhondabyrne #manifestyourdreams #betterme #eatpraylove #eatpraytravel #designyourfuture #dontwaitfortomorrow #makeithappentoday #thepowerofnow #thepowerofnow📖 #eckharttolle #raiseyourvibrations #awakenthegiantwithin #youcanliveyourdreams #livenow
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❗️A Message from Great Spirit❗️⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ You are loved! You are supported! You are an infinite being of light! Your essence is forever! Do not forget that! You come from the Devine, which makes you equal to that, DEVINE! ⁣ ⁣ Don’t get too caught up with the way modern humans choose to live and survive. Do what you must, but remember to always focus on the beauty that Mother Earth has for us, the abundance in the land, the abundance in this life, the abundance in energy! ⁣ ⁣ Connect to this earth, and you connect deeper to your true essence. Connect to this earth and you connect to your true POWER! That’s part of everyone’s PURPOSE, to tap into your true POWER! When you tap into your true essence and power you walk the path of your purpose!⁣ ⁣ It is up to you if you want to walk the path of your purpose or not. Many of you on this planet have chosen to live a life so disconnected from yourself, your essence, your power, & your purpose. Many of you have chosen to walk the path of purpose. Either way, it is time for this planet to shift, for your species to shift! Now is the time to connect deeper to yourselves, to one another, and the all living being and life that surrounds you! ⁣ ⁣ THE TIME IS NOW! ::: 📷 @jacquelinmaylani
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It’s been 10 years since I played regularly.... I don’t know how I took so much time off. I don’t know where I went to clear my head, organize my thoughts, or think about nothing. Where I picked up pieces of confidence and pushed myself. When you stop living, you start dying. #iwanttolive
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