We see mangoes are back in season...whoops 💃💃💃 atleast husband-man bought a few yesterday and they taste great Mango is one fruit we go all out on when its in season at Lush Berries . If you book our service during this season and its on your menu, best believe you are being served fresh dollops of unadulterated / yummy mango pulps😍🤤 Laiiiiiiilah🤣 . Are you a mango lover like kaffy? Do you like quality Mango Daiquiris like we make at Lush Berries . . We are still your preferred Mocktails Connoisseur best suited for your events, refreshing Mocktails is our forté . For enquiries and bookings KINDLY CALL 08092239496I AND CLICK LINK IN BIO OR SEND A DM and let's discuss further . . #lushberries #lushberriescocktails #yourprefferedmocktailconnoisseur
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What's your favorite cocktail? 🍸🍹 Enjoy happy hour everyday at Mahadewi Resto start from 3 P.M - 6 P.M buy one get one FREE #cocktail #strawberrydaiquiri #mangodaiquiri #mojito #lycheemojito
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ABOUT LAST NIGHT • . After a 2 hour delayed flight, we managed to check in and enjoy our first free daily cocktail before the clock struck midnight 🍹 . . @tssuitesbali
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Buy 3 get 1 for freeeee. At Alley Cat in Bangkok. We went in to get Maitais, because my mom said to have fun here with thai drinks... 😄 ... All of the drinks were so pretty! But we really didn’t like them 😅😶 Nevertheless we left nothing behind. 🥁 There were a lot of cats in the cafe 👌
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Sunsets like these from the deck #luxelife #blessed. On a side note, who knew that a #nutribullet could also make a mean #frozenmargarita or #mangodaiquiri
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