I didn't want to post this yesterday just in case anyone thought I was trying to be disrespectful.... Any resemblance to historical figures is merely coincidental. #boydrag #boymakeup #drag #aspiegirl #aspergers #lightitupblue #gingerbeard #ifiwereaboy #mancrushmonday #Makeup #makeupartist
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I need a minute (or a lifetime) to soak in how much I adore this man. These last couple weeks have been CRAZY! Nic graduating, flying back to IA, looking at houses, car issues, crazy work week, etc etc etc. This guy not only pushed my car up a hill when it died to get it off the road, but let me use his car for three days with a busy busy work schedule. His selflessness does not go unnoticed. This is his last week of getting hours as a clinical student then he officially starts his career!😍😍😍 talk about #mancrushmonday
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