So I found this gem of a book—The Four Agreements at the White Elephant Sale for only $1. 💎 It was 1 of only 3 items I got, surprisingly not much I found this year. 🔍 I haven’t started the book yet but it’s on my 2018 Reading List. So, I wanna know, who has read the book before & how’d you like it? 📖 Tell!
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Do you love skincare products? I Do and am passionate about making the switch to non-toxic products. 🔸 I recently became a brand ambassador for @amaramariebeauty and am a huge fan of their all-natural products. My new blog post talks all about it...see the link in my bio. Check them out! 🔸 🔸 🔸 #nontoxicbeauty #autoimmuneprotocol #saferbeauty #thehealingtable #nourishyourself #allnaturalskincare #hollistichealth #investinyourself #taketimeforyou #beautyproduct #healingjourney #saveyourskin #healthylifestyle #cleanlife #begoodtoyourbody #healthybodyhealthymind #beautyproductjunkie #makethechange
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✅Killed morning leg workout. . ✅ Ginger, matcha, lemongrass tea. . ✅Poolside work session. . ✅ Breakfast being prepared. . . . What can be better than a month in this beautiful home with @alex_weingaertner. 💁‍♀️!? . . We can’t seem to stay away from this amazing place. The vibe and energy keeps drawing us back... Shifting my life in a different direction took a lot of courage, it’s not easy by any means... but the reward of being happy and doing something meaningful and healthy, outweighs any challenges or struggles in my path. 👣 Follow your gut, love your life, love what you do, love the people around you, and don’t give up on it! 💪 . . Travel Snowbird? 👍 #digitalnomad #inspiration #loveyourlife #courage #makethechange
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Art cannot change the world, but it can contribute to changing the consciousness and drives of men and women who could change the world ~ Herbert Marcuse
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