A man rising from the dead is a storyline that is much older than some 2000 years. Human culture and collective unconscious hold the tales of a Goddess-Queen resurrecting her consort, beloved God-King, since time immemorial - think Isis and Osiris, Ishtar and Tammuz, and then yes, Mary Magdalene and Jesus. These narratives permeate the Earth grid and hold the keys to the alchemy of Feminine/Masculine mysteries. Slowly, these mysteries are getting unveiled. They are the stories about the true power of Love. By cutting through the debris of the collective feminine/masculine wounding, we are coming to behold the keys again. The so-called Rites of the Sepulcher were an essential part of ancient mystery school training - hence the burial chambers in the pyramids. These rites were centered around the Masculine counterpart “dying” and the Feminine counterpart helping him rise from the underworld, transformed. Just like Isis and her priestesses stitched Osiris back together after his evil brother Seth (the Shadow/Toxic Masculine) cut him up into 13 pieces. She the Feminine anointed Him - not only with the precious essential oils, but also with her Love, pouring it from her Heart straight into his Essence - to strengthen him so he can enter the liminal states of the death/rebirth polarity. Through Her holding He was able to face his deepest fears of being annihilated and absorbed by the great unknown. Through Her patience and trust, He could stay in the Sepulcher for the time that was required for Him to completely dissolve, all the way to point zero, so he could be reborn again. The tale of Sleeping Beauty should actually be told the other way around, for it is not His place to awaken Her from slumber. She must, Goddess help her, awaken herself. She had to hide and play dead in order to survive the abominations of patriarchy. Now She must accept the invitation of her Soul to come play her part in the collective Feminine awakening. She must become a full-on “yes” to the stirring of her inner feminine magic, the movement of her womb power. By following this calling, She will rise. And once She is risen, She is ready to do the sacred work of helping Him rise too✨
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My favourite place in the world; walking along the shore is soothing to the soul and I come away feeling replenished. Mother ocean has that healing effect 🐚 ♥
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🌟 To me, intention is everything, and shares similar function to the act of praying. This post serves as a reminder to me: To do all that I can within my mental, spiritual and physical parameters 👉🏽 thereafter just TRUST that things will fall into place, they may not necessarily be exactly the way I want them to manifest, however, they will be exactly what ends up benefiting me 🌟🙏🏽🌟 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🍀 I know this, because I choose to have this mindset: Everything is happening for me, not to me. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🌟 Why? Because if I asked you, at the start of the day, to look out for everything in yellow 👉🏽 at the end of the day, you’d be able to tell me that you saw a yellow bag, yellow building, some dude wearing yellow shoes etc. On the other hand, if I asked you to tell me what you saw in red, you wouldn’t be able to be as specific nor confident. ⠀⠀ 🍀 So imagine looking out for everything to be thankful for + everything that is a stepping stone towards your ultimate goal = that, to me, is the power of shifting perspective 🔮🙏🏽✨
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I don’t think that humans are actually meant to be sleeping over the water. I believe the constant energy movement from the sea beneath is unsettling for the soul. I’m not sleeping well and am having horrible visions. I feel very ungrounded. So today we’ve requested to for a room on land! Just the thought of sleeping in solid ground settles the restlessness in my bones. It’s times like these where being energetically sensitive has its challenges. But not to fret, we are always in control of our environment! . I’m curious to hear YOUR thoughts on this?! Is it just me?? . #mag#ctribe #authenticinstagram #anyone? # energyhealer #lightworker #loveourgoddess
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