this video describes a part of me (and the city). Travel addict, adventure lover and badass, rebel girl. #borntobebadass Everyone says who knows me: "If you hadn't existed, it would have been necessary to invent you." #HaNemLennékKiKéneTalálni 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 Actually 1 thing is not what it seems. I have a good sense of locality. About 95% i have never lost in the city. But when i’ve did i’ve always found the right ways. 📍🗺 #Tammyandthecity #nyughatatlanvagyok
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Happy Monday! There are so many ways to wear our striped ball gown skirt. We’ve paired it with a crisp white men’s shirt. Photo by Bridget Haggerty Photography. #kimeradesign #stripes #whiteshirt #ballgownskirt #boerumhill #madeinbrooklyn #madeinnewyork #brooklyndesigner
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💎✨💙💫 There are old mine cut diamonds and there truly spectacular unique old mine cut diamonds like this dainty gem! Jacob re-claimed this stone from a large parcel of antique diamonds from our most trusted diamond dealer and good friend here in NYC. This dealer and Jacob have been working together since they were both assistants. Moving to the city around the same time in the early aughts. Both learned the jewelry trade by starting out as runners - aka glorified messenger boys. Nowadays they have their own businesses and both specialize in antique and vintage diamonds. Old souls who enjoy the thrill of the gem hunt more than almost anything, They are forever in awe of the beauty of the old world gems they collect and share. Often sending one another hurried texts and pictures of their latest and most coveted finds. Such was how this stone came to be!
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The morning’s light is streaming in the windows helping make for a fresh work week in the studio.
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