WORK IN PROGRESS!! I am making a little BJJ Gi for my bro @harout_0311 . He commissioned me to make a Gi out of titanium and make it into a necklace. I still need to polish it but you can already see the shape🔥🔥
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More GM 86-91 4.3L and 5.7L throttle body spacers ready to go! Visit our website for pricing and compatibility
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Naturally dyed farm-grown scarves will hit the shop this coming weekend! #naturaldye #naturaldyeing #naturaldyersofinstagram #botanicaldye #wallawalla #farmlife #fiberart #madeintheusa #madeinamerica
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Not really sure what to say here so... here's a c-scroll on some coals! 😉
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Happy Monday 🌞 Lotus Blossom 🌺
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More spacers ready to go after anodizing. Love the color on these 😬
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