Metamorphosis It’s been six years since I was “medically retired”- my euphemism for going on disability. The initial change was difficult. I’d worked as a physician my entire adult life. I’d not planned to retire for another 20 years. My core identity was completely tied to my profession. If I wasn’t a physician, what was I? I adjusted to my new life over several years. With time, I established a new sense of self- artist, photographer, writer. When asked what I did, I would initially qualify it with “but I used to be a physician.” Years later, I simply state “I’m an artist,” without adding the qualifier. I live for the moments of beauty and joy. Laughter with my family. Light streaming through the autumn leaves. Morning coffee while watching the sunrise. I have persisted. I am still here.
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Silken milkweed seeds Highlighted in autumn’s late rays. Carried on a breeze.
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October and my lavender is in bloom
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Take flight. . 📷 Nikon D750 f5.6 Natural light 🔎Nikon 200-500mm hand held
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