Our kind of Lowcountry Boil 🍤 #cookieart #vacationrental #lowcountryeats
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We came for the food.
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we make this look good!!
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I was thinking about this bouquet today for no real reason. I just think it’s so beautiful. And then @alexthorntonphoto went made it even dreamier.
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It’s been a hot minute since I last showed my face on here and there’s lots of new friends following along, so it’s the perfect opportunity for #fridayintroductions! Happy Friday sweet friends! Whether you’re engaged, still in high school, another photographer, a past bride or senior, or you just like pretty images— I’m so excited and thankful you’re following along! I started this business a little over 3 years ago and I’m loving every minute of it! Here’s five fun things about me: • 1.) I am absolutely obsessed with pineapple decor. Pineapple prints and patterns, pineapple stickers, pineapple objects—you name it, I adore them! 🍍 • 2.) I have two sweet dogs named Abigail and Winnie, they’re both black lab-mixes, the best of friends, and they have my whole entire heart 🐾 • 3.) I despise mornings..I always have and always will. I love my bed and sleep, and am the complete opposite of a morning person. • 4.) My all time favorite place on earth is Charleston, South Carolina. If you mention the word “Charleston” around me, my face will immediately light up and I’ll excitedly join in on the conversation... literally the best place ever, if you’ve never been you must go! 🌴 • 5.) I love all things true crime and mystery-related, I even went through a season where I thought I wanted to be a forensic scientist so I could work with crime scenes... P.S. I’m running out of show/podcast options, please send me all of your recommendations! (Criminal Minds, CSI, NCIS, Hawaii Five-0, etc.) • So there you have it, a quick little peek into my life and what I look like when I laugh (thanks @atimetokeepnh for grabbing this cute moment!) I hope you have a fantastic Friday, the weekend is almost here!! 💕
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