With many Kombucha brands hitting the shelves these days.. you may ask yourself... are they all the same? Do they taste the same? Do they all have the same gut loving qualities?? 🤔 . . The answer is NO. . . Bod Kombucha is made for bods everywhere, by real people who use real ingredients, and in an ACTUAL BREWERY. We develop, brew & bottle our entire range in our own premises on our own bottling line. ✔✔✔🤗 . . We do not ship containers of kombucha in from overseas and have it reconstituted in a factory here claiming it's Australian made. #rea#readthelabels . . We do not pasteurise (heat treat) our Kombucha to make it shelf stable, subsequently killing off all the live culture we want. #liveculturesrock . . We do not water it down diluting all the goodness and flavour that 100% kombucha gives you. #youarejustbuyingcarbonatedwater . . We do not add artificial color, flavour or sweeteners to make it taste like a sickly sweet soda. #realingredients . . The next time you pick up any bottle of Kombucha, roll it over and read the labels. #rea#realkombucha . . Be informed. 👈👈👈 . . #yourewelcome #kombucha #mad#madewithascoby #realkombucha #madewithascoby #readthelabels #knowyourbooch #bodsquad #fermentedbeverages #guthealth #fermentedfoods #functional #therealdeal #beinformed #trustyourgut #loveyourbod #australianmade #australianowned @pemco_agencies @feel_good_foods @thefairtradersdistribution @inspiredfoods_ @emmalinesmarketplace @slickandsons @australianfinefoods
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After months of watching, hoping, dreaming and wishing that I could be living a life like the women I was following on Instagram...I made the choice to shove all my self-doubting believes aside and said YES!! . . I said, yes to becoming a coach because I knew I wanted to inspire & help other young women like myself follow their BIG dreams and live a healthier & happier lifestyle. . . My biggest regret...is that I didn’t take this amazing gift & opportunity sooner! . . To the woman, reading this right now and thinking to herself “I wish I could do what you do” or “I don’t think I’ll be good at this”. 🚫🚫STOP! 🚫🚫Because you CAN do this!! The best part of it all, I’ll teach you everything you need to know, you’ll be apart of an amazing & supportive community of like-minded busy & hardworking women who are grinding to achieve their goals. We will do this TOGETHER! . . If you are ready to shove ALL your self-doubting believes to the side, ready to jump in with both feet and run with me, then let’s chat lady!! . . I am here to teach & help YOU make your dreams come true! . . Now go on && slide into my DMs, so we can get YOU on to living your best life by reaching your BIG dreams! ✨ . . 💕✨💕
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••In my 20’s vs In my 30’s••⁣⁣ ⁣ Biggest difference- CONFIDENCE!⁣ ⁣⁣ Take care of yourself ladies...you deserve it😘⁣⁣
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Week 2 Day 2 Faster I am not super happy with today’s workout, I cannot currently use my laptop to workout so I have been using my phone.. but does that stop me? NO . The screen on my phone is not very big as you can imagine, so I had to pause to stop and look closer at how the moves were done. I also had to move my step a ton either closer or further away from my phone lol... ~struggles . Lastly! I had to workout in my room so that I could charge my phone.. I don’t have a phone cord so I have to use a big block style charging stand.. Talk about annoying am I right ? Even with the very little space and all of the “excuses” I could have easily used to get out of my workout.. I didn’t let them stop me! . We all have obstacles and challenges that keep us from wanting to take that step in life. *Some of us are scared * Some of us don’t think we have it in us * Some of us don’t have the room or time in their lives I get it guys! I am a full time working mom who also works OT every week. I take care of my son alone every day.. I DONT really have the time.. I MAKE the time. For ME For HIM I do this so we can have a better, happier & healthier life! . Sometimes in life you just need to put YOU first. Your mental health and confidence has to be a priority, number 1. I know you have it in you to do this just like me and thousands of others. . So if your ready, you can either try these workouts for 2 weeks FREE, or you can join us today. All you have to do is send me a message and I can get you set up and starting your journey. . Me and my gals started a new group, so if you want in drop a comment below. #fitfam #loveyourbod #6weektransformation #week2 #workhard #reachinggoals #steplife #transformYOU #happy
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Mirror mirror on the wall, who wants a churro more than them all? 📷 @service_and_repair #photoshoot #greenhair #redlips #cakeshoot #bodyposi #bathroompic #loveyourbod #mirrorpic
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My nug is getting so big😫 Two things I’ve really been committed to in the new year is finding a form of cardio i truly enjoy AND walking my dogs for atleast 30 minutes everyday. So i thought... wait? Why not combine the two? I have been walking my two pups @sadieandolliee atleast 3 miles 5 times a week. Sometimes we walk as much as 5 miles, it just depends. But i have not touched a treadmill/elliptical/cardio machine since i started my journey to reach a sustainable weight loss (before Christmas). All I’ve been doing is walking and i LOVE IT. It gets me outside, burns between 350-600 calories, and gets my babies active too. Of course, i found the amazing @crimejunkiepodcast and if it weren’t for them, i probably wouldn’t look forward to my walks as much as i do. Sometimes all it takes is some trial and error to really find out what you enjoy as far as cardio! Link in bio for training programs/my grocery guide ✨
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Today marks the second day of my new fitness journey, and I am unapologetically showing some skin! 💕💪🏻 My overall goal is to give some love to my body, I think I’m beautiful now but I WANT to be more firm and fit 🏋🏼‍♀️ So far I’ve completed two days of weight training and serious dieting (this was taken before I started) I can’t wait to feel better and make working out everyday a regular and fun part of my life ☀️🧘🏼‍♀️✨ Also peep my beautiful strong man in the bg 😂 #bopo #strengthtraining #bbr #bodiesbyrachel #teambikini #curvy #bopoinspo #bodypositive #bodytransformation #bopowarrior #boporevolution #fit#fitness #fit #strengthtrainingforwomen #loveyourbod #lovingmyself
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