As part of our 10 year birthday celebrations we are going to share 10 of our favourite JCR builds.. 10 for 10! Up first is the unforgettable Mazda RX4 Coupe tribute car we built back in 2014 which featured on the cover of Fast Fours & Rotaries Magazine in 2015. This car was a complete ground up restoration and it was an amazing, emotional experience for us. We pulled so many late nights and long hours which in the end was all worth it as we created a very special tribute. It’s the build we are most proud of here We were honoured to help a family celebrate the loss of a life cut too short. #jcracing #jjj13b #tributecar #bestbuild #10for10 #mazdarx4 #lovethiscar ❤️❤️
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The Hoondai got some new shoes. #lovethiscar #tuner #tunerculture #silver #stillen #kandn
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