I miss you The way the birds miss the flowers in the white of winter The way the trees miss the sunlight in the blackness of the night The way the moon misses the stars in a universe without space and time I miss you so Do you miss me too? #themoonmissesthestars #imissyou #trees #igpoet #poe#poetcount #poem #poet #instapoem #instapoet #writing #writer #instawriting #lovepoetry #lovepoem #lovepoems #lovepoemsofinstagram #poemsaboutlove #poetrycommunity #poetsofinstagram #poemsofinstagram #wri#writersofinstagrampoetry #writersofinstagram #poetryofinstagram #poetrylovers #photopoem #photopoetry #poetryphoto
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Hey! Consider that I'm a person who gives tedtalks after whatever I learn from things I read and watch. I write it out for others because unless someone else benefits from these, I know I won't receive the energy; words have in them. Today is just another monday but every another monday has a different you. Maybe this one lifts you high enough that you'd restrain falling. It's hard I know, it gets tougher everyday but if you have someone to tell you it's not what it looks like, you'd perhaps dig in deeper and find a way out to live successfully with whatever comes in your way. Therapy is not just science and psychology alone. When I draw a disfigured girl who is trying to smile, there's art in her determination not just her ability to link that gravity exists in emotions too and they are bound to settle down. That's why they don't settle in our minds but hearts. Art is a vacuum. It makes everything weightless like you could fly and you never have to hit the ground to feel the chase your dreams running on four feet require. I want you to know this vessel inside you is brimmed upto your throat. The part where you feel you are choked for a good ten minutes until you burst into tears, that's the part upto where you have filled it all. But thing is tears don't empty your vessel. What does empty is the feeling that you never had something in the first place because you never needed it to survive. You needed oxygen to survive and it's always ready to creep in, trust me, unless you make oxygen out of people. People don't creep in, they stay where they are. You just think they are inside you like a tree. You don't have to run away to empty yourself, you just have to stand in the rain and get your clothes wet. ©Sagarika, pouring some cardamom tea, would you empty your cup?🍁
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🙄😌 #lovepoetry
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• I love being a kid sometimes who doesn't worry about future and just does what she wants to do •
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