My number one among skin care - The moisturizing soft cream by La Mer - must have for the daily care! Amasing smell! #themoisturizingsoftcream #lamer #LoveLaMer #lovelamer #skincare #indulgeyourself
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Lamer,was founded by Max Huber in 1965. Huber was a native German aerospace physicist. He suffered a lab explosion that burnt his skin severely. After the accident, he took it as a challenge to heal his skin. After 12 long years of R&D he managed to almost heal his skin. The magic ingredient: sea kelp( which is the heart of of all their formulations). In 1991, the brand was taken over by Estee Lauder. The packaging is very chic and sturdy. It retails for 95$ for 50ml. The smell is classic La Mer, all their products have a distinct herbal, medicinal -milky smell. It is a chemical sunscreen with avobenzone, octosalate, homosalate, octocrylene and oxybenzone as its active ingredients. It has kukui oil in first 5 ingredients, which is very skin soothing. Though I am not a fan of fragrance this is extremely soothing to my senses. The sunscreen is a greenish white liquid. The greenish tint is great for covering redness and dullness. Spreads easily on my rough skin texture but stings if taken too close to eyes. No pilling up even if you put 15 layers on it ( important as we need to reapply sunscreen few times in a day ). No white cast, glowy finish. Never got a sunburn while wearing this but experienced skin heating at 36degrees centigrade. So, this is a great great option for a sunny day event like a date ir summer wedding etc , where you can't just have a thick mineral sunscreen layer on , or when you are mostly going to be indoors. I would personally prefer a mineral sunscreen for a day out in the tropics. I sooo wish La Mer came out with an all mineral sunscreen. Pros: *light weight, easy to apply and re- apply * hydrating *Broad spectrum protection * Great as makeup base Cons: *Not Easy on pocket * No clarity regarding certain ingredients like the manual says it contains healing power of gemstones but I found none in ingredients. * Chemical sunscreen may not be tolerated by all skin types and this being avobenzone based will degrade in sunlight faster than mineral or new filters. Verdict : I would most definitely buy it again for my fancy days out or indoor. #skincare #luxurybeauty #Lamer #luxuryskincare #sunscreen #skincarecommunity #lovelamer #mylamerstory
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My best friend 🖤 @lamer #lovelamer
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Love how long the sun stays out in the evening! ☀️Not too long ago it was dark at 4:30 😆 . #ern#ernolaszlo sensitive cleansing oil and detox cleansing bar #zoskinhealth exfoliating polish (np) just used a sample and it left my skin soft and smooth with little redness #lamer infused lotion #skinmedica TNS essential serum #origins mega-mushroom skin relief serum* - used to calm my skin after the exfoliation #sisley black rose cream mask - using as an overnight mask #ernolaszlo transphuse* . . . . , , Gifted* #pmroutine #ski#skincarejunkie #skincareaddict #skincareroutine #skincare #beauty #laszloglow #lamermaid #tnsessentialserum #originstribe #blackrosemask #instaskin #iloveskincare #infusedlotion #lovelamer #30plusskincare #discoverunder10k
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When @annefrances loves @lamer as much as I do... but expresses it in her own special way 🤦🏻‍♀️ #lamer #lovelamer #anniemurphy
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