Thank y’all so much for your warm and wonderful wishes to our 👶🏼 news!!! We were overwhelmed by all your love in the comments, dms, & texts. ☺️ I like to keep it honest with y’all so tell me, what are some things you want me to write about as hubs and I enter this next phase of parenthood? I’ve already got requests to talk about the harder stuff people skip over, how I told him, if we were planning for baby, our baby registry/shopping list, how we will raise a bicultural child in America, and if we will baptize our you tell me/dm me! ❤️ #thehonestshruth
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A perfect wedding gift for the newly wedded couple from their Maid of Honour. #loveispatientloveiskind #loveispatientloveiskindcross #weddinggift #weddinggifts #weddingblogger #weddingday #weddinganniversary #ido Corinthians 13:4-8 is a favourite Bible verse about love. It is used often in Christian wedding ceremonies.
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My #MCM is my bestfriend, my husband, and my foundation. He is always there for me wether it is crying because of the dentist, my world feels like it is falling apart, or because I saw something cute n the internet. Turner has held me together when my world is ending and never fails to help me feel loved no matter what state of mind I am in. He is so patient and understanding and I never knew his is what love was until I met you. Thank you for always keeping me grounded and loving me. #loveispatientloveiskind
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She is as tough as they come! Thanks @khuieharrison for this beautiful tag! #toughasamother 💪🏼 tag a tough mother below!
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