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I've read posts written by people I know, people who have shaken my hand with a friendly smile, which call someone of my political beliefs names like "worthless oxygen sucker", "brainless simpleton", and "mentally ill freak". • I've been in jam sessions where the people I'm making music with openly disparage what I believe, saying that anyone who labels themselves a Christ-follower is "idiotic" and "ignorant". • I have sat in the same church as folks who call my ancestors "savages". • Did all these people know that their words were hurting me specifically, that their beliefs were condemning mine? Did they know that they were implying that my existence matters less than their own? • Would it have stopped them from saying and writing those angry words if they had known they were like a slap in my face? That their hateful phrases left no room for me to try to talk with them in love? • Maybe they would be ashamed or embarrassed that they had spoken so cruelly against someone they personally knew. • But maybe it wouldn't have made a difference and they would still believe I deserve to be hated. • And in the end, any words you send out into the world will have an effect on somebody, somewhere, somehow. It shouldn't make a difference if it is me or your next door neighbor or your coworker or a stranger on the street: one of us will be impacted by what *you* believe. Words have the ability to hurt all skin colors, all ethnicities, all ages. • Does what you believe result in hate, or love? • I know what I want to choose.
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Absolut Pride 🏳️‍🌈 😍- - This gem was pumping out massive tunes all day at the @sydneymardigras Fair Day on Sunday 😎- - So much love for the entire event ♥️
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10 minutes di relax... Ci vogliono Ora riparto . . . .
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