WCW Finale Part 2 (Celebrity Edition) Last One For Tha Gram This Time, After That I’m Done Wit It, I’m Still Move On, My Single Life Is Going Be Ova Wit, After I’m Start Get My Shit Together & Start Dating This Year Forreal, I’m Hope Y’all Still Got Love For Me For Everything I’m Done For These Years & I’m Love Y’all💕❤️💯#WCW #womancrushwedensday #onelasttime #onelasttimeforthegram #specialedition #prettychicks #prettychicksonly #hotgirls #hotgirlsonly #hotchicks #hotchicksonly #finechicks #finechicksonly #prettylove #prettylovelife #prettyloveforever #prettyrelationship #relationship #relationshipgoals #allloveeverything #loveiseverything #loveallday #allprettyeverything #prettygirlallday #prettyallday
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Beautiful evening with beautiful sister/friend Teri @seasonedvegan. Great food, great service, great company. #goodtimes #restaurant #vegan #sistersforlife #sisterfriends #love #loveiseverything
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I cant get enough of these red curls or her sweet personality. She likes to check on her baby, especially in the morning and have her do art/play/mommy sits and wakes up time with her. She will rock her baby and tell her "Shhhhh its okay baby" Three weeks is really hitting me! There is a lot I feel unprepared for, but one thing I am ready to see is our daughters' relationship with each other! Both our parents always told us we have to take care of each other, we are responsible for each other. An older mom asked me a few years back "isn't that a tremendous responsibility to put in a child?" The short answer is: Yes! Absolutely! The long answer is: by carrying this responsibility through every memory we share in childhood I have a best friend and soul-mate. No one has ever dropped everything and rushed to my side as quickly and softly as my sister. No one has assumed responsibility for me (yes, even in adulthood) like my sister. No one has taken my insane pregnancy mood swings so graciously as my sister, No one knows when to tread gently around me or when to speak painful truths to me like my sister. No one laughs with me like my sister... NO ONE! @wildishsoulsong
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. . Pure love has no conditions or boundaries. Love does not restrain itself or hold back. Love gives all the time and doesn't ask for anything in return. Love is a continuous flow without any limits. And all of this is inside you. . . #purelove #loveisinsideyou #loveiseverything #loveisallyouneed . .
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