I lost a friend of 60 years today. She was 98 but it’s still a loss, it’s sad and my mind tags into all the other people I have lost in recent years, 6 in all. Memories flood my mind, some make me laugh, some smile and others coloured in grey and black. I see them all with love and acceptance, they are memories passing through me, and that’s ok. I wear bright colours as I want to celebrate her life today, she lived with love hope and peace and always helping others. She will be missed greatly. #celebratinglife #loveisallweneed 🍁🍁
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Spreading love around the world 😊 #mymission#patriciakelly#ichmachmit#loveisallweneed#missio Repost from @sternolino
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Sinta a força que te faz voar e deixe se levar, [...] a fé na vida é luz que nunca falha 🍀 . . #loveisallweneed #letitbe #letitshine
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#repost @rina.sintra ・・・ Today when randomly scrolling through Instagram, I came across this quote: "IT IS SO NICE WHEN TOXIC PEOPLE STOP TALKING TO YOU. IT IS LIKE THE TRASH TOOK ITSELF OUT". Nowadays it became popular, so to say, to mark people as "toxic". To be honest, I felt some deep pain after reading this quote. I myself am sometimes "toxic", "negative", angry, resentful, jealous etc. Does this mean that I must not live? In all my "toxicity", I am internally striving to be a better person, even if maybe my progress is slow and not noticeable. And when there comes a moment in which I become aware, that I am "toxic", I also know and am aware of, that this "toxicity" stems from my own pain, from sadness, from my fear of not being good enough, from patterns that were imprinted in my childhood by my surroundings. Does this mean that I must not live? But I am lucky. I am lucky, because I am surrounded by loving People. This People offer me LOVE even in my "toxic" moments. And this very LOVE makes it possible for me to learn, to become aware more easily, to forgive myself, to have a strong desire to improve. This very LOVE gives me HOPE. What would happen if instead with Love, I would be bombarded with hatred, with punishment, with condemnation? Because it already happened that I was bombarded instead of loved, I know, that it works quite the contrary. In such cases my "toxicity" became deeper, stronger, more painful. With this post, I am not trying to say that we should allow "toxic" people to spread "negativity" to the left, to the right, everywhere, or even onto us directly. But I've heard the following words many many times: "Our essence is LOVE, our essence is LIGHT." (Wayne Dyer, Anita Moorjani, Pranic Healing, Eckhart Tolle...) And this makes me think. And today I give myself this challenge: to focus on Light even in my "toxic" moments, to give myself a hug even in my "toxic moments. And today I also give myself this challenge: to be present when I meet a "toxic" "Other" and to internally say: YOU ARE LIGHT, YOU ARE LOVE AND THIS IS ALL I SEE. WE ARE ONE. Namaste 🙏 And an autumn photo from few days ago 😉 ❤
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Pierwszy taniec warto ćwiczyć, co by wyszło jako tako. Patrzcie Martyna ćwiczyła nawet patrzenie na Kubę! A to trochę uwodzicielsko, a to lobuziarsko, a to pewnie. Wachlarz spojrzeń ma ta Martyna! ❤️ ♥️ #mokafoto #fotografiaslubna #sesjaplenerowa #bioreslub #niezleaparaty #canon #powiedzialamtak #paramloda #reportazslubny #kochamswojaprace #slubneinspiracje #bride2018 #wesele #poradnikslubny #weddinggroom #pannamloda #sukniaslubna #slubnaglowie #fotografslubny #loveisallweneed #mojamiłość #timeforparty #dobialegorana #abcslubu #zankyou #probageneralna
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It’s the little things 🥰 “I made you your favourite food!” “This reminded me of you.” “You look tired, why don’t you rest.” “I brought you some coffee.” “How was your day?” “I thought you might like this." “You look nice today.” “You can have the bigger piece.” “Can I help you with that?” “I really appreciate you.” “I bought your favourite treat.” “Have I told you lately how lovely you are?" "Surprisseee!” . . . . . . . . #kindness #love #givelove #giveloveeveryday #loveisallweneed #loveyourloveones #cherishyourlovedones #bekindtooneanother #relationshipgoals #relationship_goals #relationshipgoals❤️ #benicetooneanother #benicetoeachother #loveeachother #cherisheachother #itsthelittlethings #loveinthelittlethings
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