“And the salt in my wounds isn’t burning anymore than it used to. It’s not that I don’t feel the pain, it’s just I’m not afraid of hurting anymore.” #losttheloveofmylife #neverfriends #secretsmakelies #strongwomen #hairstylistlife #iamwomanhearmeroar #yourlossnotmine #foreveraLRL 💙🤟🏼💋
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National pet day . Even for the two most important animals in my life ! They may be gone but a part of them stays with me everyday ! Love my molly and JB rip molly 1/8/18 and Jb 12/29/18 #gonetoosoon #losttheloveofmylife #dachshund #lovebird #myprideandjoy #nationalpetday #mylove #myeverything #wishicouldkissyou #bestbird #bestdog .
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I talked about this in my stories yesterday. Being a survivor of emotional abuse I believed that when I got out of the relationship that my struggle would be over how wrong I was. I fell in love with a great guy and unfortunately we are no longer together or even considering trying again. I have been lashing out at him treating him in a way I shouldn’t. I own my part in this and even though it’s hard to see him move on all I want for him is to be happy. I am now on a path to find healing in order to be a better friend, sister etc. There are residual effects after the abuse I endured for over 5 yrs even now 9 years later. I am angry because I have lost an amazing man because of the wounds that this man in my past caused. The damage he caused made me lash out in a way I never wanted to. I know what my next steps are and where I need to focus my energy. I am sad because I had such high hopes for me and ex. I wanted to find a way to be the best of friends and to build a relationship that would last a long time. It was not meant to be at least for now. I will get the help I need and let the rest work out the way it is meant to. It’s been a hard lesson to learn and I am sorry for the hurt I caused. I should have been willing to work on this issue a long time ago. My blinders where on but they are off now. If you are some body who has endured emotional abuse or any abuse I hope you have found your own way to heal. We are all survivors who need to be willing to heal the wounds and find peace that we are the better person and to learn that what we went through was not our fault but we shouldn’t be the ones who cause the same hurt to others like I did which will never happen again.
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Der Schmerz, den du spürst, nachdem du die Liebe deines Lebens verloren hast, ist nicht nur emotional, sondern er übernimmt auch deinen Geist, deinen Körper und deine Muskeln. Er verzehrt dich, zertrümmert dich bis ins Mark, bricht deine Knochen und dein Herz, auf eine Art und Weise, von der du nicht mal wusstest, dass es möglich ist. In diesen Momenten bist du nicht in der Lage zu schlafen, zu essen, zu funktionieren und sogar das Blinken fällt dir schwer. Diese unüberwindliche und schwierige Quälerei, die du durchmachen musst, lässt dich schwach auf dem Boden liegen. 💔🖤 #lostlove #painful #blackheart #loveisgone #nochance #losttheloveofmylife #sad #lonely #lonelygirl
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Last week, on March 12th, I visited Juans grave on the 3rd anniversary of his murder. Calla Lilys were special to him and these are from my garden, along with the special Lima lemons. I scattered rose petals I had been saving from last year in a large glass urn he had given me. He spoke to my heart that day and wants me to be happy, so that is a new mantra for me: FORWARD! . . . . . . #losttheloveofmylife #death #lostlove #brokenheart #gayhusbands #gaylove #brokenheartsclub #gaydaddy #gay#gayfarmer> #gayfarmer #gaydogdad #gaydude #gaydudes #gaylovers #gayloversforlife #widower #sadtuesday #sadday #foreverinlove #twinflame #twinflames #twinflameseparation #soulmate #sadfriday #soulmatesforever #lostlover #passedaway #thegooddieyoung #gaywidow
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I will always love you. Missing someone always hurts but missing you hurts the worst. #lovehurts #singleagain #fml #ouch #losttheloveofmylife #singlemom #sadness #nowwhat #why
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