Our Mask-Doh : Green Tea Face Mask with Hyaluronic Acid has disappeared to the beach . Please find it and bring it back to us ! #lostandfound
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Today is a day of 9 aka the day of lost & found. I’m a MASTER at finding myself when I feel lost. How? I pivot. Once something goes “wrong” instead of looking for solutions I quickly change the subject. My process: See problem Take deep breath Find something else to focus on Receive solution to problem ———————————————————————— This gets me out of so many sticky situations. Lol Most people won’t agree with my method until they have tried it and watched it work for them. The solution is to STOP TRYING. STOP THINKING ABOUT IT. LET IT GO! When you are focused on fixing the problem you make it worse bc the only reason there’s a problem is because you have a THOUGHT/BELIEF that you’re practicing in that moment that is holding you away from realizing how you don’t have a problem. So once you stop allowing that thought to run through your head by taking your mind completely off the subject, you can then realize how you don’t have a problem. So in order to get out that false line of thinking you have to put some space in between. ———————————————————————— For example, I couldn’t find my keys a few days ago. At first I began to look for them and I swear I looked everywhere! Then I remembered to stick to what I know. The keys aren’t lost, they are exactly where I put them. I then called my sister and laughed with her on the phone for about 5 mins. (This was on purpose) While talking to her, she said “Girl let me get in here and wash these dirty ass dishes.” BOOM! As soon as she said that, I remembered I put my keys in the kitchen near the sink. I’m telling you THIS WORKS! ———————————————————————— Another example. I needed to give my son some allergy medicine but couldn’t find the medicine top. He was pressuring me for this medicine, acting like his world was about to end. I convinced him to stop for a sec and come sit down to play a new game on my phone with me, then Caleb walks in and points to where the medicine tops were without me asking. BOOM! Problem solved again. ———————————————————————— For those that try this… you’re welcome. All you have to do is trust the process. Peace and Love ❤️ ~Lady Dee
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Believe in us... We have a great coach Raul Gonzales😊🎶⛹ @eurovision #lostandfound #raulgonzales #handball #coach #lisbon #eurovision2018 #portugal #macedonia
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went to geer street / found a human friend and a plant friend #squee . . . . #spring #tulipfever #lostandfound #plantpeople
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@kevindiserna estará abriendo la noche el próximo Sábado 24 de Marzo antes de @deathonthebalcony & @santiagogarciaofficial! #BIO Kevin esta viviendo un excelente momento en su carrera habiendo lanzado tracks como "Sacred life" en #shantimoscowradio & "Horizons" en #endless que han obtenido gran repercusión en la escena local e internacional. Además de sus lanzamientos anteriores en sellos como #lostandfound #plattenbankrecords & #balancemusic
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Ännu ett vårtecken - broddar på bar gren!😂 I väntan på blommor och blad tolkar jag borttappade vantar och broddar som ett tecken på att våren är i antågande. #vårtecken #springiscoming #lostandfound #borttappad #upphittad
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