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Transformed Dana’s bright summer balayage into soft and melty tones for fall! 🍂 . . . . . #bal#balayagelights #balayage #sombre #lobhaircut #trim #goldwell #bronde #fall #autumn #fallhair #hairpainting
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I had an Occupational Therapist Appt this morning reguarding my headaches, which was cool cause it was the same place I interned when I was going to school for OT! Anywho, I have 3 more follow ups with the OT, since I have what they refer to as VOR after getting a concussion.... basically testing my dynamic visual activity as it corelates to my brain and the headaches I'm getting. So I'll keep ya'll updated! Afterwards I have been spending all morning at Starbucks getting werk done, love that I can work wherever there is a WIFI signal 😉 and take breaks as needed! (Since my boss aka me lmao.... is kind and let's me ease into computer screen time 😂) Happy Monday Friends ☕ PC @themegmariephoto 🙌
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