🔺NARS 深度膚淺Skin Deep / 一樣12色,但當初看到配色就覺得和自己手邊收藏很多類似的,就沒想要入手了,和 @_itsshani 借來試色比較手邊的眼影盤給大家看👀所以這篇是比較分析文~ / 以下產品名皆為代稱 S指「深度膚淺」 L指「自戀新星」 / ▪️內容物 S有四格是比較大的,就是比較常用的打底色和可以臉部修容的顏色,整盤大小比起nars一般的眼影盤大一點。 / ▪️顏色 S整體的配色以中間色分佈最多,淺色略少,最深的霧面黑咖色乾比較不好暈染,但珠光色的部分比起L來說光澤感強很多。 / ▪️粉質 霧面色都是細膩好暈染(除了那個最深色之外)珠光色也很顯色服貼 / ▪️S和L相似性 最大相似的地方就是配色組合了(參考圖7)抓了10個色對比刷給大家看,雖然有著色調的差異,但上眼的效果蠻雷同的,唯獨淺珠光色比較會影響整體眼妝色調的呈現,也就是兩盤差異最多的地方。 #skindeep #loadedeyeshadowpalette #nars #narstaiwan #凱蒂眼影試色百科
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Did my sister's makeup for her BFF's nikah yesterday. She has good skin so I did her makeup in about 40 mins. 💄Eyes - #narsissist #loadedeyeshadowpalette 💄Blush - @hm #pureradiancepowderblusher in Soft Russet + @fentybeauty #killawatthighlighter in Ginger Binge & Moscow Mule 💄Contour - @benefitmalaysia Hoola + @tartecosmetics #amazonianclaymattebronzer in Hotel Heiress 💄Lips - @hudabeauty #liquidmattelipstick in Venus #kishthemakeupjunkie #sistersforlife
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— Mel’s 1 brand 1 week 3/7 — . . 💛 My eyelids are oily with many blue vines and I have very hooded eyes. I used to stick to Pro longwear paint pot by MAC for many years until I started searching different eye primers. And today I would like to bring you two of the Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base. . 💛 1) Pro- Prime Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base - it’s lotion-like but colorless base after you apply it on. You just need a little bit product because the doe-foot applicator just brings tiny amount every time for each eyelid. But I found it very hard to blend it out evenly still. I know this’s a popular product but unfortunately it doesn’t work for me. Having said that my girl enjoys it and has no problem at all. So this Pro-Prime base belongs to her at the moment. . 💛 2) Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base ( tinted light ) - this’s the new formula introduced in 2018 and I thought I would give this new one another chance. The texture feels like a more velvety and thick concealer and it’s much easier to blend either with finger or brush. It still creases on me so I like to set with powder quickly. But this tinted primer base cancels my vines and does help me with longevity of my eyeshadow. So this’s my current go to eye primer. . . . 💛🤔Do you use an eye primer? 🤔And What’s your go to eye primer at the moment ? 💘💘💘 . . . #mels1brand1week #instaflatlay #beautyflatlay #narssmudgeproofeyeshadowbase #smudgeproofeyeshadowbase #proprimesmudgeproofeyeshadowbase #narsblush #afterglowlipbalm #loadedeyeshadowpalette #softmattecompleteconcealer #narsissist #narscosmetics #discoverunder5k #discoverunder10k . . .
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— Mel’s 1 brand 1 week 2/7 — . . ❤️ Today I would like to bring you three gorgeous eyeshadow palettes of Nars that I love them very much. . ❤️ 1) Nars ERDEM Fleur Fatale eyeshadow palette - it’s the collaboration between Nars and fashion designer ERDEM Moralioglu and the collection has 13 pieces called Strange Flowers. . ❤️ I feel the texture is slightly different from the usual NARS eyeshadows. Those powders are very buttery, soft, truly silky and you even feel slightly wet if you apply with your fingers. Anyway I enjoy it very much. I love layering those three taupe brown shades together for a easy look and adding the blue sometimes. . ❤️ 2) Nars Wanted Eyeshadow Palette - this’s the most versatile palette among those three palettes. There are neutral colors for everyday look and a brown red and dark brown for enhancing outer corner. There are also varieties of shimmer shades and topping shades for the evening looks and date looks. It’s not another boring warm tone palette and it is in fact a great one that brings you joy to play with. I’m so grateful as I bought this palette because of Michaela @michaela_____m . ❤️ 3) Nars Loaded Eyeshadow Palette - this is my current favorite of all as you all know I adore cool tone and neutral palette. This Loaded has the criteria a good eyeshadow palette needs to have ; good transition shades, highlighter shades, variety of darker shades, and low-key shimmer shades ( for me). The most important of all I use and love every single shade in Loaded. I can never go wrong with it. . . . ❤️🤔 So which palette is your cup of tea ? ( Nars EARDEM, Wanted or Loaded ) 🤔 If you can only have one of them ( or your own palette) for the next 3 months, which eyeshadow palette will you go for? 💘 . . . #mels1brand1week #instaflatlay #beautyflatlay #powermatte #narssoftmatteconcealer #softmattecompleteconcealer #wantedeyeshadowpalette #narsissist #loadedeyeshadowpalette #narserdem #fleurfataleeyeshadowpalette #stangeflowers #transitionshade #narseyeshadowpalette #narsbrush #narsliquidblush #narsorgasm #discoverunder5k #discoverunder10k . . .
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#nars #narscosmetics #narsissist #loa#loadedhadowpalette #loaded ウェーーーィ! #ローデッドアイシャドーパレット 嬉しい凄い良くない?これ! #アイパレット #ナーズ #ナーズイスト
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